Fresno State's Paul George Dunks On St Mary's Mickey McConnell

Paul George comes through with a sick dunk over St. Mary's Mickey McConnell. Next time take some advice from Ludacris: Move, bitch, get out the way!


inyoface said...

Poor Mickey should've made like Donald and ducked. Did ya spot the Gael player in blue jumping off the bench in reaction to his own teammate gettin smashed on?

Well, that's ONE way for a freshman to guarantee himself some playing time. Dropping 25 and 10 was even better. George is gonna strive to make "poster dunks" an official stat -- so far he's at 1.0 per game.


Antone said...

Yeah I saw that one too, but never threw it up...oh well

Anonymous said...

haha poor mickey he was a bomb ass player at my high school i played with him and now hes getting t-bagged by some bulldog. ha

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