J.R. "Isiah" Rider East Bay Funk Dunk

This dunk isn't on anyone but it's such a classic dunk that it deserves to be on You Got Dunked On without question.

J.R. Giddens Dunks On Wyoming

J.R. Giddens with the two-handed monster putback on Wyoming.

J.R. "Isiah" Rider UNLV Dunk of Death

J.R. Rider straight clocks this guy in the back of the head with his knee while dunking on him and knocks him out cold...hence why it's called the "Dunk of Death"

Hedo Turkoglu Dunks On Ukraine

Woah, no wonder why they call him the Michael Jordan of Turkey when he's throwing down big time facials like this.

Hakim Warrick Dunks On Chris Andersen

Hakim Warrick with the nasty facial on the Birdman.

Hedo Turkoglu Dunks On Obinna Ekezie

Hedo cups it and smashes on Obinna Ekezie.

Vince Carter Dunks On Etan Thomas

Vince will be doing things like this next season for the Orlando Magic, via GoldLakerLion.

Vince Carter Dunks On Chris Mihm

Vince Carter dunks on one of the usual suspects, Chris Mihm, via GoldLakerLion.

Greg Oden Dunks On Pau Gasol

Greg Oden smashes on Pau, via GoldLakerLion.

Trevor Ariza Dunks On Grant Hill

Trevor Ariza gives the world a poster dunk for Christmas.

Grant Hill Dunks On Travis Williams

Grant Hill with the fast break poster dunk.

Grant Hill Dunks On Desagana Diop

Grant Hill elevates over Diop for the slam.

Gerald Wallace Dunks On Chris Bosh

Not one..but two monster jams on Chris Bosh.

Keon Clark Dunks On Danny Fortson

Keon Clark grabs the Gerald Wallace miss with one hand and jams it on Danny Fortson for the putback dunk.

Nene Dunks On Portland

Nene dunks on Portland during his rookie season....I think that's a bald headed Derek Anderson but can't make out the uniform number to verify that.

Gerald Wallace Dunks On Ricky Davis & Robert Traylor

Gerald Wallace dunks on Ricky Davis & Robert "Tractor" Traylor off the around the back bounce pass from Hedo Turkoglu rockin' the frosted tips.

Alonzo Mourning Does NOT Get Dunked On By Gerald Wallace

Zo ended up on the right end of this play.

Gerald Wallace Does NOT Get Dunked On By Ben Gordon

Wow, Ben Gordon...what were YOU thinking?

Throwback Dunk of The Week: Clyde Drexler Dunks On Manute Bol

Clyde Drexler dunks over all 7 feet 6 inches of Manute Bol.

Gerald Wallace Dunks On Jannero Pargo

Gerald Wallace with the insane dunk on Jannero Pagro. Wow!

Gerald Wallace Dunks On Francisco Elson

Gerald Wallace with the cockback slam on Elson.

Michael Beasley Dunks On Gerald Henderson

This looks like a high school dunk by The Beast, Michael Beasley, on Gerald Henderson.

Rickey Paulding Dunks On Vincent Yarbrough

There's two dunks in this video by Rickey Paulding and the second dunk shows Paulding smashing on former Tennessee Vol, Vincent Yarbrough. Props to BasketsOldenburg for the vid.

Duke's Gerald Henderson Dunks On Florida State's Soloman Alabi

Gerald Henderson catches an alley-oop dunk on Soloman Alabi, via dukeblueforever.

Josh Smith Dunks On Jake Voskuhl

Josh Smith delivers some nastiness to the Bobcats.

Duke's Gerald Henderson Dunks On Wake Forest's Chas McFarland

Gerald Henderson catches a reverse dunk on Wake Forest, via dukeblueforever.

Nate Robinson Dunks On James Posey

Nate Robinson with the vicious dunk over James Posey.

Gerald Green Dunks On Rashard Lewis

Gerald Green dunks on Rashard Lewis back when they both used to rock green jerseys.

Keon Clark Dunks On Toni Kukoc

Damn, this is one nasty dunk by Keon Clark on Toni Kukoc. Wasn't expecting to find any Keon Clark dunks today that's for sure.

Gerald Green Dunks On Nenad Krstic

Gerald Green with the "Michael Jordan-esque" dunk on Nenad Krstic.

Tyson Chandler Dunks On Stephen Jackson

Tyson Chandler with the nasty fast break dunk on Stephen Jackson.

Gerald Green Dunks On 7-Footer

Gerald Green destroys an unknown 7-Footer in summer league play.

Jerry Stackhouse Dunks On Miami Heat

Stack steamrolls two unknown Bulls....uh make that the Miami Heat....and that looks like it might be Keith Askins.

Marco Belinelli Dunks On Hedo Turkoglu

Belinelli says "in your face" to Hedo Turkoglu.

Maurice Ager Dunks On J.J. Redick

Michigan State's Maurice Ager dunks over J.J. Redick.

Fred Jones Dunks On Theo Ratliff

Fred Jones with the nasty slam on Theo Ratliff.

Fred Jones Dunks On Ben Wallace

Fred Jones posterizes Big Ben Wallace.

Fred Jones Dunks On Brian Skinner

Fred Jones smashes on Brian Skinner.

Chris Bosh Dunks On Erick Dampier

Filthy dunk by Chris Bosh on Erick Dampier.

Tracy McGrady Dunks On Erick Dampier

T-Mac with the lefty smash over Erick Dampier.

David Robinson Dunks On Gerald Wilkins

Video is short but shows David Robinson dunking on Gerald Wilkins, via kblaze8855.

Throwback Dunk of The Week: Clyde Drexler Dunks On Bill Cartwright

Clyde Drexler serves up the facial on Bill Cartwright.

Luol Deng Dunks On Erick Dampier

Luol Deng with the monster finish on Erick Dampier.

Erick Dampier Does NOT Get Dunked On By Drew Gooden

Erick Dampier with the huge stuff on Drew Gooden.

Kobe Bryant Dunks On Erick Dampier

4-time NBA champ Kobe Bryant slams on Erick Dampier.

Hedo Turkoglu Dunks On Emeka Okafor

Okafor gets posterized by the "Michael Jordan of Turkey"

Eric Gordon Dunks On UNC-Wilmington

Air Gordon with a high flyin' dunk against UNC-Wilmington.

Emeka Okafor Does NOT Get Dunked On By Tracy McGrady

Emeka Okafor straight stonewalls T-Mac's dunk attempt.

Jason Richardson Dunks On Emeka Okafor

J-Rich bangs on Emeka Okafor.

J.R. Smith Dunks On Emeka Okafor

J.R. Smith with the two-handed smash on Okafor.

Elton Brand Dunks On Jerry Stackhouse

Elton Brand giving the bizness to Jerry Stackhouse.

Eddie Jones Does NOT Get Dunked On By Stephon Marbury

Eddie Jones stuffs Starbury's dunk attempt.

Bostjan Nachbar Dunks On Elton Brand

Bostjan Nachbar! Bostjan Nachbar!

Caron Butler Dunks On Jamaal Tinsley

Caron Butler goes strong to the rim on this fast break dunk over Jamaal Tinsley.

Shawn Kemp Does NOT Get Dunked On By Eddie Jones

Shawn Kemp swallows up this Eddie Jones dunk attempt.

Brian Grant Dunks On Glenn Robinson

Eddie Jones finds Brian Grant for the smash on the Big Dog.

Eddie Jones Dunks On Tony Battie

Eddie Jones with the "gusto jam" on Tony Battie.

Eddie Jones Dunks On Dino Radja

Eddie Jones with the nasty reverse jam on the immortal Dino Radja.

Eddie Jones Dunks On Antoine Carr

Eddie Jones with the nasty poster dunk on Antoine Carr.

Kobe Bryant Dunks On Eddie Jones

Kobe Bryant posterizes Eddie Jones.

Eddie Jones Dunks On Shawn Bradley

Eddie Jones with the two-handed power dunk on Shawn Bradley. I posted another Eddie Jones dunk on Shawn Bradley previously that you can see if you click Eddie Jones' name below.

Theo Ratliff Does NOT Get Dunked On By Eddie Curry

Theo Ratliff with the HUGE rejection on Eddie Curry.

2009 NBA Finals: Courtney Lee Dunks On Derek Fisher

Courtney Lee goes baseline and abuses Derek Fisher.

2009 NBA Finals: Mickael Pietrus Dunks On Pau Gasol

Mickael Pietrus with the putback dunk on Pau Gasol.

2009 NBA Finals: Pau Gasol Dunks On Rashard Lewis

Pau Gasol spins around Rashard Lewis for the baseline dunk.

Throwback Dunk of The Week: Clyde Drexler Dunks On David Robinson

Clyde Drexler says...in your face David Robinson.

Josh Childress Dunks On Chris Mihm

Josh Childress with the two-handed baseline smash on Chris Mihm.

Tayshaun Prince Dunks On Eddie Curry

Tayshaun Prince runs the break and finishes with the slam on Eddie Curry.

Dahntay Jones Does NOT Get Dunked On By Eddie Curry

Dahntay Jones rejects Eddie Curry's attempted alley-oop.

Dwyane Wade Dunks On Mike Dunleavy Jr.

D-Wade shows off some serious hangtime with this smash over Mike Dunleavy Jr.

Eddie Curry Dunks On Elton Brand

Eddie Curry "rises majestically" and stuffs it on Elton Brand.

Chris Mihm Dunks On Eddie Curry

Chris Mihm destroys Eddie Curry with this dunk.

2009 NBA Finals: Dwight Howard Dunks On Kobe Bryant

Dwight Howard with the two-handed smash on Kobe....and god damn there's a lot of different camera angles on this one.

2009 NBA Finals: Dwight Howard Does NOT Get Dunked On By Pau Gasol

Pau Gasol tries to go up and under for the slam but is denied by Dwight Howard.

Dwyane Wade Dunks On Bruce Bowen

D-Wade drives left and smashes on Bruce Bowen.

Nenad Krstic Dunks On Dwyane Wade

Nenad Krstic serves up the facial on D-Wade

Dwyane Wade Dunks On Rashard Lewis

D-Wade throws it down over Rashard Lewis.

Dwyane Wade Dunks On Jermaine O'Neal

D-Wade puts the Heat on Jermaine O'Neal with this monster jam.

Dwyane Wade Dunks On Kevin Garnett

D-Wade skies for the facial on KG.

Travis Outlaw Dunks On Rodney Carney

Never let an Outlaw cock back and fire....

Dwyane Wade Dunks On Tim Duncan

D-Wade throws one down over Tim Duncan.

Dwyane Wade Dunks On Dan Gadzuric

D-Wade posterizes Dan Gadzuric.

2009 NBA Playoffs: Luke Walton Dunks On Carmelo Anthony

Forgot to post this dunk by Luke Walton on 'Melo, via GoldLakerLion.

Andris Biedrins Dunks On Brian Skinner

This video was submitted by a reader and it's from Biedrins' rookie season.

2009 NBA Finals: Tony Battie Dunks On Pau Gasol

This dunk was about the best thing that happened for the Magic last night.

Dwight Howard Dunks On Marquis Daniels

Dwight Howard with the and-1 dunk on Marquis Daniels.

Dwight Howard Dunks On Brad Miller

Dwight Howard spikes one down on Brad Miller.

Dwight Howard Dunks On Mark Blount

Dwight Howard owning Mark Blount.

Dwight Howard Dunks On Erick Dampier

Dwight Howard slams it in the face of Erick Dampier.

Dwight Howard Dunks On Jamaal Magloire

Dwight Howard with the baseline smash on Magloire.

Throwback Dunk of The Week: David Robinson Dunks On Arvydas Sabonis

This week's Throwback Dunk of The Week features The Admiral with a "Dream Team" smash on Arvydas Sabonis.

Dwight Howard Dunks On Primoz Brezec & Gerald Wallace

Dwight Howard posterizes Primoz Brezec & Gerald Wallace.

Dwight Howard Dunks On Argentina

Dwight Howard with a Team USA smash on Argentina.

Dwight Howard Dunks On Rasheed Wallace

Dwight Howard with a thunderous two-handed smash on 'Sheed from the '07 playoffs.

Bo Outlaw Dunks On Shammond Williams

Hey...someone needs to show Bo Outlaw some love too right?

Miami's Dwayne Collins Dunks On Boston College's Sean Williams

Dwayne Collins with a spin and smash on Sean Williams.

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