Kobe Bryant Dunks On Dwight Howard

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Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Figured I would re-post this dunk since Kobe and Dwight will be squaring off in the NBA Finals.


Anonymous said...

Huge fan of Kobe and Dwight both...I am a Lakers fan tho and gotta say that dunk was sweet. But it was a couple years ago, and Howard has gotten BETTER...

inyoface said...

Odds that we'll get a re-Baptism (Consecration?) during Da Finals? Unlike his rookie year, Superman's got enough Spidey Sense to get outta the way if Kobe busts through the lane like that again.

Y'all know it was a heckler in the first half that caused Kobe to consider doing that ish, right? Right before halftime, he went to the heckler he was jawing with, and was heard by reporters telling him, "You woke me up now." Then Dwight got his wake-up call in the second half.

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