Marcus Camby Dunks On Dikembe Mutombo

Marcus Camby smashes on Mutombo back when Camby was on the Knicks.

Paul Pierce Dunks On Rasual Butler

The Truth with a fastbreak dunk on Rasual Butler.

Josh Smith Does NOT Get Dunked On By Marcus Camby

Josh Smith denies Camby at the rim.

Antoine Walker Dunks On Kobe Bryant

Wow, Kobe got dunked on by Antoine Walker? Thought someone would have to have better hops than Walker to accomplish that.

Antoine Walker Dunks On Brian Skinner

Antoine Walker smashes on Brian Skinner.

Alonzo Mourning Dunks On D.J. Mbenga

Zo with a two-handed cockback smash on Mbenga.

Marcus Camby Dunks On Al Jefferson

Camby with a huge putback dunk on Al Jefferson.

Marcus Camby Dunks On Mikki Moore

D.J. Mbenga Dunks On Marcus Camby

Larry Johnson Dunks On Patrick Ewing

LJ with a nasty dunk on Patrick Ewing.

Larry Johnson Dunks On Dikembe Mutombo

Larry Johnson dunks on Mutombo.

Manu Ginobili Dunks On Tyronn Lue

Ginobili posterizing Tyronn Lue.

Andres Nocioni Dunks On Kevin Garnett

Nocioni with a baseline reverse jam on KG.

Larry Johnson Dunk Mix

It's always a shame when great players like Larry Johnson get hurt and then never are the same after that injury. At least we have this dunk mix from LJ to remember how nasty his dunks were and think about just how good he could have been.

Manu Ginobili Dunks On Shawn Marion

Ginobili! ...dunks on Shawn Marion.

Manu Ginobili Dunks On Mike Dunleavy Jr.

Short video but long enough to see Dunleavy get posterized.

Manu Ginobili Dunks On Paul Millsap

Throwback Dunk of The Week: Chris Webber Dunks On Mark Jackson

This C-Webb dunk absolutely destroys Mark Jackson and should have been posted a long time ago but now it finally gets it's due.

Manu Ginobili Dunks On Erick Dampier

Ginobili smashes on Erick Dampier.

Oregon's Malik Hairston Dunks On Cal's Ryan Anderson

Eddie Griffin Dunks On Antonio McDyess

Eddie Griffin with the putback jam all over McDyess.

Vince Carter Dunks On Eddie Griffin

Vince Carter with a thunderous jam over Eddie Griffin.

Luol Deng Dunks On Mario West

Luol Deng with the alley-oop dunk on Mario West.

Linas Kleiza Dunks On DeAndre Jordan

Kevin Garnett Dunk Mix

Kevin Garnett dunks on  Theo Ratliff
I put together this KG dunk mix that features some of his best dunks from both the T-Wolves & the Celtics.

Kevin Garnett Dunks On Shawn Bradley

KG with a major league dunk on Shawn Bradley, via GoldLakerLion.

Arvydas Sabonis Dunks On Mark West

Kevin Garnett Dunks On Josh Smith

KG with and-1 dunk on Josh Smith, via GoldLakerLion.

Louisville's Alvin Sims Dunks On Texas' Sheldon Quarles

This dunk is from the 1997 NCAA Tournament.

Jeff Green Dunks On Raja Bell

Shannon Brown Dunks On Dwyane Wade

Shannon Brown catches an alley-oop dunk on D-Wade.

Lebron James Dunks On DeSagana Diop

Leon Powe Dunks On Andris Biedrins

Kobe Bryant Dunks On Arvydas Sabonis

Kobe posterizes Sabonis.

Maurice Taylor Dunks On Shawn Bradley

Maurice Taylor levels Shawn Bradley with a nasty dunk.

Lebron James Dunks On Tim Duncan

Lebron James Dunks On Leandro Barbosa

Kobe Bryant Dunks On Darius Miles

Kobe Bryant with the alley-oop dunk on Darius Miles.

Derek Anderson Dunks On Zan Tabak

Derek Anderson straight destroyin' Zan Tabak.

Darvin Ham Dunks On Keith Closs

Darvin Ham with the "traffic" jam on Keith Closs.

Throwback Dunk of The Week: Bobby Jones Dunks On Kareem-Abdul Jabbar & Kurt Rambis

Putback dunk by the underrated Bobby Jones, via BushinStyle.

Stephon Marbury Reverse Alley-Oop Dunk

Check out this nasty reverse alley-oop dunk from Stephon you youngins didn't know Marbury had hops like that huh?

James Robinson Dunks On Patrick Ewing

Clearly the highlight of James Robinson's career....

Kobe Bryant Dunks On Rik Smits

Kobe dunks on the Dunking Dutchman.

Amare Stoudemire Dunks On Shawne Williams

Amare with the vicious and-1 dunk on Shawne Williams.

LaPhonso Ellis Dunks On Theo Ratliff

LaPhonso Ellis catches the pass from KG and dunks on Theo Ratliff.

Bill Wennington Dunks On Alonzo Mourning

Proof that Zo really did get dunked on by EVERYONE.

Ohio State Quarterback Terrelle Pryor Poster Dunk

Never thought I would be posting a dunk by a football player on this site...

Michael Jordan Dunks On Tim Duncan

Jordan with an All-Star Game baseline dunk on Tim Duncan.

LaMarcus Aldridge Dunks On Francisco Garcia

Aldridge catches an alley-oop on Francisco Garcia.

LaMarcus Aldridge Dunks On Tim Duncan

LaMarcus Aldridge with a fastbreak slam on Tim Duncan.

Lamar Odom Dunks On Kobe Bryant

Lamar Odom Dunks On Brad Miller

Kobe Bryant Dunks On Brian Skinner

Kobe Bryant dunks on one of my favorite victims, Brian Skinner.

Kobe Bryant Dunks On Steve Francis

Kobe straight killin' Stevie Franchise.

Kobe Bryant Dunks On Tyrone Hill

Kobe with a nasty alley-oop dunk on Tyrone Hill.

Kobe Bryant Dunks On Dirk Nowitzki

Another Kobe dunk on Dirk.

Kobe Bryant Dunks On Latrell Sprewell

Kobe Bryant with the reverse windmall jam on Sprewell.

Kobe Bryant Dunks On Mehmet Okur

Kobe extends and puts one down on Mehmet Okur.

Kobe Bryant Dunks On Antawn Jamison

Kobe Bryant Dunks On David Robinson & Tim Duncan

Throwback Dunk of The Week: Shaquille O'Neal Dunks On Michael Jordan

Shaq with the putback dunk on MJ. Yup, even Jordan got dunked on sometimes, via GoldLakerLion.

Kobe Bryant Dunks On Calvin Booth

Kobe Bryant Dunks On Rasho Nesterovic & Kevin Garnett

Kobe with a ridiculous up and under jam on Rasho and KG.

Kobe Bryant Dunks On Dirk Nowitzki

Kobe dunkin' on Dirk.

Kobe Bryant Dunk Mix

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

12 plus minutes...over 40+ dunks(most of them of the poster variety)...and 4 songs on this Kobe Bryant Mix I put together.


NBA 2K10 - The Game

Concerto Of A Desperado - The Roots

Da Rockwilder - Method Man & Redman

Nuthin' But A G Thang - Dr. Dre feat Snoop Dogg

Kobe Bryant Dunks On Tim Duncan

Kobe serves up the facial on Tim Duncan.

Kobe Bryant Dunks On Antoine Carr

Kobe drives baseline for the dunk on Antoine Carr, via GoldLakerLion.

John Wall Dunks On Jerry Stackhouse

John Wall bangin' on Stack. Pretty nasty dunk right here...the rest of college basketball better watch out for Wall.

Alonzo Mourning Dunks On Dennis Rodman

Tim Hardaway crosses over MJ and then disses to Zo for the smash on Rodman, via GoldLakerLion.

Darvin Ham Dunks On Rik Smits

Darvin Ham dunking one down the throat of Rik Smits.

Joey Graham Dunks On Kansas State's Lance Harris

Some Joey Graham dunk footage from his OK State days.

Darvin Ham Smashes Backboard Against UNC

One of the most famous college dunks...Darvin Ham didn't have much of an NBA career but he'll always be remembered because of this dunk.

Calvin Booth Dunks On Mike Dunleavy Jr.

Mike Dunleavy gets a face full of Calvin Booth's nuts.

Darvin Ham Dunks On Alonzo Mourning

Darvin Ham dunks on Zo and then stares at the camera.

Kevin Garnett Dunks On Brad Miller

KG with a baseline smash on Brad Miller.

Amare Stoudemire Dunks On Bruce Bowen

Amare takes the sick wrap around pass from Nash and throws it down over Bowen , via BushinStyle.

Fred Jones Dunks On Slava Medvedenko

Fred Jones throws one down with authority, via BushinStyle.

Kenyon Martin Dunk Mix

Tough to be more entertaining than 6 plus minutes of Kenyon Martin dunks...quite a few poster dunks in this one.

Kevin Garnett Dunks On Kirk Snyder

KG with the reverse jam on Kirk Snyder.

Keith Closs Dunks On Greg Ostertag

The immortal Keith Closs dunks on Ostertag, via BushinStyle.

Jermaine O'Neal 2008-2009 Dunked On Mix

I put together this exclusive mix of Jermaine O'Neal getting dunked on during the '08-'09 season. This is the first video mix I've ever put together myself and let me tell you it took up a lot of my time so I hope you enjoy it.

Features Dunks By:

Al Horford

Top 10 Jason Kidd-to-Kenyon Martin Alley Oop Dunks

Check out this video of the top 10 alley-oops dunks from Jason Kidd to Kenyon Martin. Pretty nice video.

Kevin Garnett Dunks On Stromile Swift

KG making Stromile Swift look like a fool.

Keon Clark Dunks On Shawn Bradley

Keon Clark sucks the life out of the building with this "dunk" on Shawn Bradley.

Throwback Dunk of The Week: Kareem Abdul-Jabbar Dunks On Julius "Dr. J" Erving

Dr. J goes up high for the block but Kareem still throws it down strong, via BushinStyle.

Kenyon Martin Dunks On Shane Battier

K-Mart with a nasty putback dunk that sends Shane Battier face first into the floor.

Kenyon Martin Dunks On Reggie Evans

K-Mart with the HUGE putback slam on Reggie Evans.

Kenyon Martin Dunks On Lebron James & Zydrunas Ilgauskus

K-Mart with the putback dunk on Lebron and Big Z.

Kenyon Martin Dunks On Dwyane Wade

K-Mart dunks on win the battle of hyphenated nicknames.

Vince Carter Dunks On Kendrick Perkins

Vince gets the better of Perk on this one.

Kenyon Martin Dunks On Anthony Mason

K-Mart throws one down on Mase.

Kelenna Azubuike Kentucky Dunk Mix

Check out this Kelenna Azubuike Kentucky dunk mix.

Kenyon Martin Dunks On Rasho Nesterovic

K-Mart with the poster smash on Nesterovic.

Kendrick Perkins Does NOT Get Dunked On By Josh Childress

Perk denies Josh Childress at the rim, via PerkinsisaBeast.

Antonio Davis Dunks On Kenny Thomas

Now this is the definition of getting dunked on, via BushinStyle.

Richard Jefferson Dunks On Chris Bosh

Richard Jefferson with a huge poster dunk on Chris Bosh, via BushinStyle.

Juwan Howard Dunks On Eric Montross

Juwan Howard posterizes Eric Montross in the second highlight of this video.

Josh Smith Dunk Mix

This is just one of the many Josh Smith dunk mixes out there.

Julian Wright Dunks On Missouri's Kalen Grimes

Julian Wright posterizes Kalen Grimes back when he was with the Kansas Jayhawks.

Josh Smith Dunks On Jiri Welsch

Josh Smith with a baseline dunk.

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