Cincinnati's Melvin Levett Putback Dunk


This is a classic dunk and probably one of the most famous college dunks of all-time. Should have had this one up a long time ago. Does anyone know what team this was against? I don't remember.

Josh Smith Dunks On Earl Watson


Josh Smith catches an alley-oop on a helpless Earl Watson.

Tyrus Thomas Dunks On Josh Smith


Tyrus Thomas gets up for a powerful dunk on Josh Smith.

Josh Howard Dunk Mix

Check out this Josh Howard dunk mix, via dabadestalbo690.


Josh Howard Dunks On John Lucas


Josh Howard destroys John Lucas....must see dunk right here.

Gonzaga's Josh Heytvelt Dunks On USF


Josh Heytvelt with the big putback dunk.

Throwback Dunk of The Week: Juwan Howard Dunks On Bison Dele


Juwan Howard runs the break and takes it strong to the rim on Bison Dele.

Josh Childress Dunks On Kurt Hinrich


Josh Childress making Kurt Hinrich look like Greg Paulus.

Josh Childress Dunks On Quinton Ross


Josh Childress showing Quinton Ross why he's a threat around the rim.

Josh Childress Dunks On Etan Thomas & Andray Blatche


Childress dunks on a few Wizards.


NEW YORK, July 27, 2009 – After weeks of dunk contests, ten semifinalists have been selected from among amateur dunkers across the U.S., and it is now up to the fans to select which four dunkers will go on to compete in the first-ever Sprite Slam Dunk Showdown at NBA All-Star 2010 in Dallas, Texas.

Fans can visit to watch dunks from each of the ten semifinalists and vote on who they think should be flown to NBA All-Star in February to compete for the chance to be crowned the Sprite Slam Dunk Showdown Champion. The winner will receive a grand prize of $10,000 and will attend the Sprite Slam Dunk contest during NBA All-Star Saturday Night on Feb. 13, 2010.

Semi-Finalist Information:

Sprite Slam Dunk Showdown competitions were held in eight cities during May, June, and July at NBA Nation presented by T-Mobile and Kia Motors, the league’s touring vehicle that transforms into a 20,000-square-foot basketball playground. The competitions were open to all local dunkers, ages 18 and up, who were able to show off their dunking skills before a panel of judges at NBA Nation. One winner from each of the eight cities was selected by the fans via SMS text voting.

Fans that could not attend the NBA Nation stops were able log on to to upload videos showcasing the best dunks. LeBron James led a panel of judges that picked two winners from among the online entries. The eight local winners from the tour combined with the two online winners to make up the group of 10 semifinalists, and now fans are being asked to narrow the group to four best-of-the-best finalists. The voting period begins today and runs through August 24, 2009.

Sprite is the world’s leading lemon-lime soft drink and has been the official soft drink of the NBA since 1994.

Voting is super easy! Just head over to the voting page (link: to see some amazing footage of their skills and then vote for your favorite. No registration is required and voting literally takes just a few seconds. The top four dunkers will be sent to the 2010 NBA All-Star Weekend in Dallas. There they will compete for the $10,000 Grand Prize and the opportunity to be involved on the Saturday night NBA Slam Dunk Contest.

Josh Smith Dunks On Primoz Brezec


J-Smooth catches a nasty one on Primoz Brezec.

Shaquille O'Neal Dunks On Karl Malone


Shaq with the putback jam on the Mailman, via GoldLakerLion.

Josh Childress Dunks On Gerald Wallace


Josh Childress abusing Gerald Wallace.

Shawn Kemp Dunks On Felton Spencer


Shawn Kemp with the offensive rebound and dunk on Felton Spencer, via GoldLakerLion.

Josh Childress Dunks On Vince Carter


Josh Childress posterizes Vince Carter.

Danny Granger Does NOT Get Dunked On By Josh Childress


Danny Granger stonewalls Josh Childress.

Kevin Garnett Dunks On Dwight Howard


KG overpowers Dwight Howard.

Ruben Patterson Dunks On Andrei Kirilenko


Ruben Patterson with the nasty putback dunk all over AK47's back.

Marvin Williams Dunks On Florida State's Alexander Johnson


Marvin Williams with the and-1 dunk on Alexander Johnson.

Jordan Farmar Dunks On Tim Duncan


Jordan Farmar with an impressive dunk on Tim Duncan.

John Salmons Dunks On Travis Outlaw


John Salmons blows by Travis Outlaw for the jam.

Joey Graham Dunks On Samuel Dalembert


Joey Graham dunks on Samuel Dalembert from a few years back.

Josh Smith Dunks On Kevin Love


Josh Smith bams on Kevin Love at the USA Team workouts.

Kobe Bryant Dunks On Spencer Hawes


Kobe crosses over John Salmons and then dunks on Spencer Hawes.

Joey Graham Dunks On Spencer Hawes


Joey Graham with the thunderous reverse slam on Spencer Hawes.

Joey Graham Dunks On Eddie Curry


Joey Graham pounds one down against the Knicks.

Kobe Bryant Dunks On Viktor Khryapa


Kobe with a nasty alley-oop poster dunk on Viktor Khryapa.

Joey Graham Dunks On Texas A&M


This dunk didn't count but my god he straight destroyed this dude.

Paul Millsap Dunks On Joel Przybilla


Millsap finishes strong on Przybilla.

Xavier's Jordan Crawford Dunks On Lebron James

....oh wait, there's no video of this because Lebron or maybe Nike doesn't want anyone to see it. Pretty pathetic if you ask me and I now am officially sick of Lebron James. Thankfully, there's enough video of Lebron getting dunked on for me to post here and everytime he does get dunked on I'll post those links here too.

Update: Here's the video we've all been waiting for, courtesy of I think I liked it better when there was no video...


Although this second video, courtesy of eBaum Nation is pretty good quality:


If you have video of any other times Lebron got dunked on just send it on over (

Let's see if Nike and Lebron try to shut this post down.

Andre Iguodala Dunks On Lebron James

Danny Granger Dunks On Lebron James

Courtney Lee Dunks On Lebron James (Part 1)

Courtney Lee Dunks On Lebron James (Part 2)

Yao Ming Dunks On Lebron James

Carmelo Anthony Dunks On Lebron James

Caron Butler Dunks On Lebron James

Bill Walker Dunks On Lebron James

Luol Deng Dunks On Lebron James

Nick Young Dunks On Lebron James

Gilbert Arenas Dunks On Lebron James

Jason Maxiell Dunks On Lebron James

Joakim Noah Dunks On Lebron James

Kenyon Martin Dunks On Lebron James

Britton Johnson Dunks On Lebron James

Al Harrington Dunks On Lebron James

Gerald Wallace Dunks On Lebron James

Andrew Bogut Dunks On Lebron James

Donte Greene Dunks On Lebron James

Rudy Gay Dunks On Lebron James

Louis Williams Dunks On Lebron James

Richard Jefferson Dunks On Lebron James

Taj Gibson Dunks On Lebron James

Paul Pierce Dunks On Lebron James

Charlie Villanueva Dunks On Lebron James

Throwback Dunk of The WeeK: Scottie Pippen Dunks On Manute Bol


Scottie Pippen with the hammer slam on big Manute Bol, via GoldLakerLion.

Joe Alexander Dunks On Vladimir Radmanovic


Joe Alexander with the and-1 dunk on Vladimir Radmanovic, via maurixjames23.

Joe Alexander Dunks On Syracuse's Arinze Onuaku


Joe Alexander dunks on Arinze Onuaku back when he was at West Virginia.

Joel Anthony Dunks On Rasho Nesterovic


Joel Anthony goes to the other side of the rim to jam on Rasho Nesterovic.

Shaquille O'Neal Dunks On Tyrus Thomas


Shaq spins around Joakim Noah and then dunks on Tyrus Thomas.

Joakim Noah Dunks On Josh Smith


Noah threw this one down with some authority.

Jerry Stackhouse Dunks On Todd MacCulloch


Jerry Stackhouse destroys Todd MacCulloch....priceless.

2009 NBA Summer League: Jonny Flynn Windmill Dunk


I know he didn't dunk on anyone, but I thought people might be looking for some video of this nasty windmill dunk by Jonny Flynn.

Mike Marra Windmill Poster Dunk


Mike Marra is from my home state of Rhode Island and is going to Louisville next season to play for Rick Pitino. You can check out a scouting report on Mike Marra I posted back in February and also a whole post dedicated to Mike Marra dunks over at inyoface's site, NasteeDunx.

....and oh yeah the dunk above is pretty damn sick.

Jerry Stackhouse North Carolina (UNC) Dunk Mix

This is a pretty nice mix of Jerry Stackhouse dunks from his UNC days with a couple of extra nasty poster dunks towards the end of the mix. Definitely worth checking out. Via knubberrub.


Joakim Noah Dunks On Gerald Wallace


Joakim Noah putting Gerald Wallace on a poster.

Joakim Noah Dunks On Lebron James


Nothing special here...but since Lebron went for the block he still technically got dunked on. Plus, it gives me another video to add to my running list of videos with Lebron getting dunked on.

2009 NBA Summer League: JaVale McGee Dunks On Blake Griffin


JaVale McGee destroys wonder boy Blake Griffin. McGee has some serious length by the way, no reason why he shouldn't be able to become a solid low post defender for the Wiz.

2009 NBA Summer League: James Johnson Dunks On Nikoloz Tskitishvili


Ex-Wake Forest Dunkin' Deacon, James Johnson, smashes on Nikoloz Tskitishvili...and please ignore the obvious travel.

Jerry Stackhouse Dunks On Virginia Tech


Check out this sick poster dunk from Jerry Stackhouse back in his UNC days.

Shawn Kemp Dunks On Jerry Stackhouse


The Reignman smashes on Stack.

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