2009-2010 NBA Regular Season: Kevin Durant Dunks On Tayshaun Prince

Kevin Durant posterizes Tayshaun Prince, via GoldLakerLion.

2009-2010 NBA Regular Season: Vince Carter Dunks On Brook Lopez

Before Vince left with an ankle injury tonight, he did this to Brook Lopez....

2009-2010 NBA Regular Season: Udonis Haslem Dunks On Solomon Jones

Udonis Haslem with a nasty poster dunk on Solomon Jones.

2009-2010 NBA Regular Season: Dwight Howard Dunks On Josh Boone

D. Howard with the power jam over Josh Boone.

2009-2010 NBA Regular Season: Paul Pierce Dunks On Tyrus Thomas

Pierce with the fake and baseline slam on Thomas.

2009-2010 NBA Regular Season: DeMar DaRozen Dunks On O.J. Mayo

DeMar DeRozen throws it down from the weak side.

2009-2010 NBA Regular Season: Rudy Gay Dunks On Rasho Nesterovic

Rudy Gay with the NASTY reverse two-handed putback dunk.

2009-2010 NBA Regular Season: Amare Stoudemire Dunks On Anthony Randolph

Amare smashin' on Anthony Randolph.

2009-2010 NBA Regular Season: Tyrus Thomas Dunks On Richard Jefferson

Tyrus Thomas catches the pass from Brad Miller and gets the and-1 dunk on Richard Jefferson....the Bulls actually beat the Spurs tonight.

2nd video via LilPharmacist11.

2009-2010 NBA Regular Season: Carmelo Anthony Dunks On Paul Millsap

'Melo with a beastly looking dunk on Paul Millsap...this one was "poster" perfect.

2009-2010 NBA Regular Season: Josh Smith Dunks On Brandon Rush

Josh Smith with the powerful dunk over Brandon Rush.

2009-2010 NBA Regular Season: Andrea Bargnani Dunks On Anderson Varejao

Andrea Bargnani with the baseline slam over Varejao.

2009-2010 NBA Regular Season: Lebron James Does NOT Get Dunked On By Rajon Rondo

This was one sick block from Lebron flatlining Rondo.

2009-2010 NBA Regular Season: Martell Webster Dunks On Chuck Hayes

Nasty poster dunk from Martell Webster...this was as nasty as Chuck Hayes shooting free throws.

Shaquille O'Neal Dunks On Andrei Kirilenko

Shaq dunks on AK47 and then gets T'd up.

2009-2010 NBA Regular Season: Jamario Moon Dunks On Kevin Garnett

Jamario Moon catches the alley-oop over KG.

Tracy McGrady Dunks On Erick Dampier

T-Mac with another dunk on Dampier from when he was with Orlando, via GoldLakerLion.

Kevin Johnson Dunks On Robert Horry

Mayor KJ dunks on Horry.

2009 NBA Preseason: Best Preseason Dunks Mix

Another You Got Dunked On exclusive dunk mix, this one features the best dunks from the 2009 NBA Preseason.

Tracy McGrady Dunks On Keith Van Horn

T-Mac soars high above Van Horn for the dunk.

2009 NBA Preseason: Blake Griffin Does NOT Get Dunked On By Hilton Armstrong

After getting posterized many times in the past, Hilton Armstrong thought he would try and end up on the right side of the poster, needless to say he failed miserably.

Blake Griffin 2, Hilton Armstrong 0.

2009 NBA Preseason: Donte Greene Dunks On Paul Millsap

Donte Greene with the alley-oop poster on Millsap.

FYI to Millsap: You have NO hops.

2009 NBA Preseason: Shannon Brown Dunks On Arron Afflalo

Shannon Brown continues his assault on NBA rims and catches a piece of Arron Afflalo in the process. Let's hope Brown gets a decent amount of run this season.

2009 NBA Preseason: Dwight Howard Dunks On Randolph Morris

Dwight Howard backs down his ol' buddy Randolph Morris and then spins and dunks on him.

Nice way to treat an old high school friend Dwight...I'd hate to be one of your enemies.

2009 NBA Preseason: Vince Carter Dunks On Zaza Pachulia

Vince with the baseline double-clutch two-handed jam over Zaza Pachulia.

2009 NBA Preseason: Shawn Marion Dunks On Chase Budinger

Marion catches the alley-oop over Chase Budinger.

2009 NBA Preseason: DeAndre Jordan Dunks On Peja Stojakovic

Someone please tell Peja to stay out of the paint...he's lucky this one wasn't a lot worse.

Scottie Pippen Dunks On Terry Dehere

Pippen with a nasty poster dunk against the Clippers.

Rajon Rondo Dunks On David Lee

Rondo with monster putback jam on David Lee.

2009 NBA Preseason: Jeff Green Dunks On Omri Casspi

Jeff Green takes out the "Israeli sniper" Omri Casspi.

2009 NBA Preseason: Ryan Hollins Dunks On Jonas Jerebko & Chris Wilcox

Ryan Hollins posterizes 2 Pistons.

Robert Horry Dunks On Scott Williams

Scott Williams gets dunked on again this time by Robert Horry

Robert Pack Dunks On Horace Grant & Scott Williams

Robert Pack was a small guard who could throw down some nasty dunks just ask Horace Grant & Scott Williams.

You Got Dunked On on ESPN's SportsNation

Today my site, You Got Dunked On, was featured as the "Site of The Day" on ESPN's SportsNation, which aired today at 4 PM ET.

Definitely appreciate the recognition and if you are new to the site I hope you like it and stick around. The NBA season is right around the corner and I will be posting each and every poster dunk I can.

ESPN's SportsNation re-airs tonight at 12 PM ET if you missed it at 4 PM.

2009 NBA Preseason: Brandon Bass Dunks On Danny Granger

Brandon Bass cleans up Vince Carter's miss and jams it down.

Kareem-Abdul Jabbar Dunks On Moses Malone

Kareem posterizes Moses Malone, via GoldLakerLion.

Robert Horry Dunks On Brian Cardinal

Another nasty dunk from Robert Horry, via BushinStyle.

Throwback Dunk of The Week: Penny Hardaway Dunks On Patrick Ewing

Penny shows off some serious hops with this thunderous poster dunk on Patrick Ewing.

2009 NBA Preseason: Carlos Boozer Dunks On Juwan Howard

Boozer goes up strong and shows no love to Juwan Howard.

Ricky Davis Dunks On Mehmet Okur

Nasty poster dunk from Ricky Davis...unfortunately there's not a lot of Ricky Davis dunks on the 'net.

Robert Horry Dunks On Terry Mills

Horry destroys Terry Mills.

2009 NBA Preseason: Jeff Green Dunks On Carl Landry

Jeff Green with the baseline dunk on Carl Landry.

Josh Smith Dunks On Sean Williams

Josh Smith with the fast break poster dunk on Sean Williams, via JRicherTV.

Shawn Kemp Dunks On Hakeem Olajuwon

The Reignman with a sonic boom on Hakeem, via EKH111.

2009 NBA Preseason: Blake Griffin Dunks On D.J. Mbenga

# 1 pick Blake Griffin rises high above D.J. Mbenga for the "throwdown".

2009 NBA Preseason: Andre Iguodala Dunks On Amare Stoudemire

Iguodala cups one and throws it down over Amare.

2009 NBA Preseason: Marreese Speights Dunks On Earl Clark

I think it's safe to say that Earl Clark did NOT have a good night....

2009 NBA Preseason: Kevin Garnett Dunks On Amir Johnson

KG streaks down the lane for the and-1 dunk.

2009 NBA Preseason: Gerald Wallace Dunks On Paul Millsap

Simple, yet effective.

Jason Terry Dunks On John Starks

Jason Terry with the fastbreak dunk on John Starks.

Richard Jefferson Dunks On Jamaal Magloire

Richard Jefferson Dunks On Tim Duncan

Richard Jefferson with the baseline dunk over Tim Duncan.

2009 NBA Preseason: Rasheed Wallace Dunks On Chris Bosh

'Sheed catches the alley from Rondo, via CelticsProduction.

2009 NBA Preseason: O.J. Mayo Dunks On Ben Wallace

O.J. Mayo with the and-1 dunk over the outstretched arm of Ben Wallace.

2009 NBA Preseason: Alexis Ajinca Dunks On D.J. Mbenga

This dude has been catching mad alley-oop dunks all preseason.

Richard Jefferson Dunks On Lamar Odom

Richard Jefferson drives baseline and then smashes one in Lamar Odom's grill.

Carmelo Anthony Dunks On Glen "Big Baby" Davis & Tony Allen

Richard Jefferson Dunks On Andrea Bargnani

Richard Jefferson with the reverse jam over Bargnani, via JRicherTV.

2009 NBA Preseason: Tyrus Thomas Dunks On Kevin Love

Tyrus Thomas with the two-handed putback dunk on Kevin Love.

Charles Barkley Does NOT Get Dunked On By Alton Lister

Sir Charles rejects Alton Lister's dunk attempt, via sandiegotos.

Richard Jefferson Dunks On Elden Campbell

Richard Jefferson with the reverse baseline jam on Elden Campbell.

Michael Jordan Dunks On Cliff Robinson

Michael Jordan Dunks On Roy Hinson

MJ with a sick power dick over Roy Hinson, via GoldLakerLion.

2009 NBA Preseason: John Salmons Dunks On Corey Brewer

John Salmons with the reverse baseline smash on Corey Brewer.

2009 NBA Preseason: Jeff Green Dunks On Joel Anthony

Looks like Joel Anthony had a pretty rough night....

2009 NBA Preseason: Jermaine O'Neal Dunks On Michael Ruffin

Jermaine O'Neal with the stuff over Michael Ruffin.

2009 NBA Preseason: Joakim Noah Dunks On Oleksiy Pecherov

Joakim Noah with the power throwdown versus Minnesota.

2009 NBA Preseason: Kevin Durant Dunks On Joel Anthony

Kevin Durant with the sick nasty dunk on Joel Anthony.

Rasheed Wallace North Carolina Dunk Mix

Check out this mix of Rasheed Wallace dunks from his UNC days.

Rasheed Wallace Dunks On Chris Childs

'Sheed posterizes Chris Childs, via GoldLakerLion.

Rasheed Wallace Dunks On Maurice Taylor

Sheed with a filthy alley-oop dunk.

2009 NBA Preseason: Thaddeus Young Dunks On Wilson Chandler

Thaddeus Young with a fastbreak dunk over Wilson Chandler.

Throwback Dunk of The Week: Scottie Pippen Dunks On Karl Malone

Scottie Pippen delivers a nasty poster dunk to the Mailiman.

Chris Webber Dunks On Malik Allen

Quentin Richardson Dunks On Larry Hughes

Quentin Richardson with the alley-oop on Larry Hughes.

Vince Carter Dunks On Emeka Okafor

VC drives baseline for the poster dunk on Okafor, via GoldLakerLion.

Michael Jordan Dunks On Detlef Schrempf

Quentin Richardson Dunks On Alan Henderson

Q-Rich with the crossover and dunk.

2009 NBA Preseason: Joel Anthony Dunks On Antonio McDyess

Joel Anthony with a facial on Antonio McDyess.

2009 NBA Preseason: Amir Johnson Dunks On Dominic McGuire

Amir Johnson with the nasty putback jam on Dominic McGuire.

2009 NBA Preseason: Chris Wilcox Dunks On Jeff Teague

Chris Wilcox catches the alley over rookie Jeff Teague.

Paul Pierce Dunks On Mark Jackson

Pierce with the huge poster dunk on Mark Jackson.

Chris Andersen Dunks On Roy Hibbert

The Birdman craps on Roy Hibbert.

Michael Jordan Dunks On Robert Reid

This Jordan dunk is back from when MJ was on the US Olympian team of college players and they faced off vs. a team of NBA All-Stars. Via sandiegotos.

You Got Dunked On Fantasy Basketball League

I just created a Fantasy Basketball League and I'm looking for people who want to join so email me at antone2382@gmail.com if you wanna get down and join the league!

Penny Hardaway Dunks On Shawn Kemp

Penny catches they alley-oop over Shawn Kemp.

Michael Jordan Dunks On Charles Barkley

Jordan dunks on his boy Charles Barkley, via sandiegotos.

Kevin Garnett Dunks On Vlade Divac

2009 NBA Preseason: Nicolas Batum Dunks On Chris Kaman

Preseason baseline dunk from Nicolas Batum for all you Blazer fans out there ('cause I know there's a lot of you out there on the 'net.)

Scottie Pippen Dunks On John "Hot Rod" Williams

Pippen with the nasty dunk over Hot Rod Williams, via sandiegotos.

Penny Hardaway Dunks On Luc Longley

Penny Hardaway posterizes Luc Longley, via GoldLakerLion.

Michael Jordan Dunks On Larry Nance

Michael Jordan misses the J then gets the pass from Scottie Pippen and soars above Larry Nance for the dunk, via sandiegotos.

2009 NBA Preseason: Gerald Wallace Dunks On Sean Marks

Gerald Wallace with a nasty facial on Sean Marks.

Dominique Wilkins Dunks On Rony Siekaly

Dominique with a ferocious dunk against the Heat, via sandiegotos.

Paul Pierce Dunks On Chris Bosh

Chances are if you made it to this page, the Paul Pierce dunk on Chris Bosh you're looking for is here: http://www.yougotdunkedon.com/2009/11/2009-2010-nba-regular-season-paul_28.html

Michael Jordan Dunks On Chuck Person

Jordan goes up and around Chuck Person, via sandiegotos.

2009 NBA Preseason: Shannon Brown Dunks On Mikki Moore

Damn, if the preseason is any indication of the types of dunks we are going to see during the regular season then this is going to be one hell of a season for You Got Dunked On!!

2009 NBA Preseason: Dwight Howard Dunks On Udonis Haslem

Dwight Howard does Haslem pretty dirty on this dunk.

2009 NBA Preseason: Ben Wallace Dunks On Jermaine O'Neal

Ben Wallace with a MONSTER putback dunk over Jerm Daddy...glad to see Jermaine O'Neal is already in midseason form!

2009 NBA Preseason: Taj Gibson Dunks On Andrei Kirilenko

Bulls rookie Taj Gibson drops the hammer on AK-47...keep 'em coming Taj.

2009 NBA Preseason: Ben Gordon Dunks On Kurt Thomas

Ben Gordon goes backdoor and dunks on Kurt Thomas...sort of...it wasn't really that clean.

2009 NBA Preseason: Josh Smith Dunks On David West

J-Smooth with the putback dunk on David West.

2009 NBA Preseason: Al Horford Dunks On Devin Brown

Throwback Dunk of The Week: Shawn Kemp Dunks On Robert Horry

Classic dunk from Shawn Kemp, via sandiegotos, been waiting to find some video of this dunk since I already had the pic.

Paul Pierce Dunks On Brian Shaw

Paul Pierce with the and-1 dunk on Brian Shaw.

Walter McCarty Dunks On Jason Richardson

Gotta show some love to Walter McCarty.

Michael Jordan Dunks On Sidney Moncrief

Jordan catches the alley on Sidney Moncrief, via GoldLakerLion.

Paul Pierce Dunks On Aaron Williams

Pierce hammers one down on Aaron Williams.

Paul Pierce Dunks On David Robinson & Tim Duncan

Paul Pierce with the two-handed baseline smash over Robinson & Duncan.

Robert Horry Dunks On Karl Malone

Robert Horry with the two-handed double clutch dunk on Karl Malone, via GoldLakerLion.

Josh Smith Dunks On Danny Granger

Josh Smith with one of his typical nasty dunks, via GoldLakerLion.

Paul Pierce Dunks On Tony Massenburg

Paul Pierce comes around the screen and take it the hole on Tony Massenburg.

2009 NBA Preseason: Nene Dunks On Partizan Belgrade's Strahinja Milosevic

Guess Nene's getting an early start on posterizing his opponents this season...ouch this poor guy didn't have a chance.

David Thompson Dunks On Bobby Jones

David Thompson straight destroyin' Bobby Jones.

David Thompson Dunks On Mitch Kupchak

David Thompson with the putback jam on current Lakers GM, Mitch Kupchak.

David Thompson Dunks On Joe Barry Carroll

2009 NBA Preaseaon: Tyrus Thomas Dunks On Solomon Jones

This dunk is from the Bulls-Pacers preseason game the other night.

Michael Jordan Dunks On Larry Nance

Jordan with a baseline smash on Larry Nance, via sandiegotos

David Thompson Dunks On Lionel Hollins

David Thompson Dunks On Chicago Bulls

Michael Jordan Dunks On Jerry Reynolds

Jordan destroys Jerry Reynolds, via sandiegotos

Yao Ming Dunks On Pau Gasol

Paul Millsap Dunks On Pau Gasol

Michael Jordan Dunks On Kenny Anderson

MJ with the and-1 baseline funk on Kenny Anderson, via sandiegotos.

Pau Gasol Dunks On Dwight Howard

Pau Gasol drops the hammer on Dwight Howard...nasty

Pau Gasol Dunks On David West

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