J.J. Hickson Dunks On Emeka Okafor

Rookie J.J. Hickson with the two handed slam on Emeka Okafor.


UCLA's Josh Shipp Dunks On Maryland's Bambale Osby


Found this one when I was looking for Russell Westbrook dunks. Josh Shipp with the facial on the afro rockin' Bambale Osby.

Russell Westbrook Dunks On Oregon's LeKendric Longmire


Here is a sick dunk from Russell Westbrook from when he was playing at UCLA. Won't be long before Westbrook starts posterizing people in the NBA.

Amare Stoudemire Dunks On Sean Williams


Here's an Amare Stoudemire jam over Sean Williams from last season.

Amare Stoudemire Dunks Over Tim Duncan

Man, a whole night full of games and this is the best dunk we got? I'm not even sure Amare got this dunk over Duncan, but we don't have a good enough angle to tell so I posted it anyway.


Throwback Dunk of The Week - Patrick Ewing Dunks On Dennis Rodman

Patrick Ewing with the steal and wild looking dunk over Dennis Rodman.


Lebron James Dunks Over Paul Pierce


Lebron James with the sinister alley-oop slam with Paul Pierce looking on below.

Leon Powe Dunks On Anderson Varejao

The game recap has the dunk by Leon Powe over Anderson Varejao, but we need to get some better video of this dunk ASAP.


Leon Powe Dunks On Delonte West


Thank you NBA TV for picking the wrong Leon Powe dunk as Dunk of The Night. I thought Powe's dunk over Anderson Varejao was better.

NBA Season Starts Tonight - Dunks I Want To See

I thought I would do a little post for the opening night of the NBA Season. There are three games on tap for tonight: Cleveland vs Boston, Milwaukee vs Chicago, and Portland vs LA Lakers. Should be a good night of basketball, but I thought I would pick one dunk from each game that I want to see tonight, so here it goes:

Cleveland vs Boston: Bill Walker on Zydrunas Ilgauskas. If this happens I don't think I'll stop laughing for a week, unfortunately I'm not sure Walker is going to get much run tonight. I've already seen Kevin Garnett and Lebron James dunk on enough people, so time to see some new blood get in on the action.

Milwaukee vs Chicago: Joe Alexander on Joakim Noah. If Joe doesn't get any run, then I'll settle for Richard Jefferson on Noah instead. I also wouldn't mind seeing Tyrus Thomas on Andrew Bogut.

Portland vs LA Lakers: Andrew Bynum on Greg Oden. Kobe Bryant on Oden would be too much to ask for on opening night, so I'll settle for Bynum marking his territory as best young big man in the NBA. I wouldn't bet against the ultra-competitve Kobe trying to yam one down Oden's throat though. Also, Rudy Fernandez on Pau Gasol would be some nice Spanish on Spanish crime.

Make it happen fellas!

Also, feel free to add any dunks you'd like to see in the comments, either from these three games or any dunk you want to see this season in general.

Andrew Bynum Dunks On Jason Maxiell


I realized that there weren't any Andrew Bynum dunks up on the blog, so thought I would add this one from Bynum over Jason Maxiell.

Brittney Griner Dunks On A Female High School Player


Yes, this video is of a female....yes, she's 6'8" ....and yes, she dunks on some poor little high school girl.

Isaiah "J.R." Rider Dunks On Two Players


J.R. Rider posterizes two players while playing for UNLV. Got to love them college dunks.

Shaquille O'Neal Dunks at LSU


Shaq jumps over this dudes head and dunks on him, from when he was in college at LSU.

Top 50 Putback Dunks of All-Time

Not sure where this list comes from but there are some nice dunks in here.

Frank Elgar Dunks On Chad Prewitt


Here's some international ballin' for ya. Drexel alum Frank Elgar dunks on former Arizona State Sun Devil Chad Prewitt.

Patrick Ewing, JR. Dunks On Brook Lopez


Patrick Ewing, Jr. throws down a sick one handed slam past the outstretched arm of Brook Lopez. The real story though is that we need a bounty on BOTH Lopez twins. I'll even throw in some cash for that one.

Trevor Ariza Dunks On Jeff Green


Trevor Ariza with the high flyin' dunk over Jeff Green. Green needs an escalator to get up as high as Ariza does on this dunk.

Jason Maxiell Dunks On Mario West


Jason Maxiell with the And-1 dunk over Mario West.

Maurice Evans Dunks On Cheikh Samb


Maurice Evans with the ridiculous reverse two handed slam in the face of Detroit's Cheikh Samb.

Brandon Bass Dunks On Tyrus Thomas


Looks like Tyrus Thomas had a rough night. He got yammed on by Brandon Bass and Gerald Green in the same game.

Nene Dunks On Jamario Moon


Nene destroys Jamario Moon with the powerful one handed slam. Ouch.

Gerald Green Dunks On Tyrus Thomas


Gerald Green throws one down over Tyrus Thomas. Hopefully Gerald will get some run this year so he can keep throwing down some nasty dunks.

Joey Graham Dunks On Dahntay Jones


Joey Graham catches the putback dunk over Dahntay Jones.

Throwback Dunk Of The Week - Tom Chambers Dunks On Mark Jackson


The Throwback Dunk of The Week is Tom Cambers' famous two handed jam over Mark Jackson, with some commentary from C-Webb.

Mardy Collins Dunks On Sean Williams


Mardy Collins catches one on Sean Williams.

Kevin Martin Dunks On Greg Oden


It's about time someone dunked on Greg Oden. Let's keep this up fellas.

Previously: Kevin Martin Dunks On DeSagana Diop

Joey Graham Dunks On Chris Mihm


Joey Graham straight posterizes Chris Mihm. I think Chris Mihm wants to get down in that Theo Ratliff/Jermaine O'Neal competition for getting dunked on the most this season. DeAndre Jordan already posterized Mihm earlier this preseason.

Trevor Ariza Dunks On Jason Kapono


Trevor Ariza catches a pass off the backboard from Jordan Farmar and throws one down over Jason Kapono

Emeka Okafor Dunks On The Hawks


Emeka Okafor dunks on a couple Hawks who shall remain nameless.

Kevin Martin Dunks On Desagana Diop


Kevin Martin with the two handed slam over Desagana Diop.

Gerald Green Dunks On Spencer Hawes


Gerald Green with the big time dunk over Spencer Hawes.

Theo Ratliff Getting Dunked On Mix

Here's a dope ass mix of Theo Ratliff getting dunked on.

Josh Childress Dunks On Aris


I'm guessing before the season is over Josh Childress is going to dunk on every team in the Greek league.

Patrick Ewing JR. Dunks On "Big Baby" Glen Davis


Patrick Ewing, JR. with the two handed put back over "Big Baby" Glen Davis.

DeMarcus Nelson Dunks On Richard Jefferson


DeMarcus Nelson throws down the one handed slam on Richard Jefferson. Man these rookies are catching wreck in the preseson.

Top 10 Dunks On Jermaine O'Neal

Now you know I had to post this video, because I love seeing Jermaine O'Neal getting abused.

#10)"Big Nasty" Corliss Williamson Dunks On Jermaine O'Neal
#9)Anthony Parker Dunks On Jermaine O'Neal
#8)Wilson Chandler Dunks On Jermaine O'Neal
#7)Hakim Warrick Dunks On Jermaine O'Neal
#6)Some guy from Brasil Dunks On Jermaine O'Neal
#5)Jerry Stackhouse Dunks On Jermaine O'Neal
#4)Trevor Ariza Dunks On Jermaine O'Neal
#3)Kenyon Martin Dunks On Jermaine O'Neal
#2)Dwayne Wade Dunks On Jermaine O'Neal
#1)Baron Davis Dunks On Jermaine O'Neal

Kenyon Martin Dunks On Kyrylo Fesenko

I hooked up this video so that it starts right when Kenyon Martin throws one down on Kyrylo Fesenko.

Jason Richardson Dunks On Theo Ratliff


Things have been kinda slow in the preseason with dunks, so I thought I would throw up this older video of J-Rich dunking on who else but Theo Ratliff.

Craig Smith Dunks On Sasha Pavlovic


Who's afraid of that big bad wolf? Smith is just one of the reasons I think the T-Wolves will be improved this season.

Craig Smith Dunks On Andres Nocioni & Tyrus Thomas


Do yourself a favor and fast fowarded these highlights to about the 1:30 mark and watch Craig Smith with the beastly dunk over both Andres Nocioni and Tyrus Thomas.

Throwback Dunk Of The Week - Penny Hardaway Dunks On The Bulls


Before all the knee injuries, Penny Hardaway could throw it down with the best of them, including this vicious dunk on what looks to be Bill Wennington.

Sean Williams Does NOT Get Dunked On By Dwayne Wade


Sean Williams straight stuffed Dwayne Wade when he went up for this dunk.

Trevor Ariza Dunks On Francisco Garcia


Trevor Ariza with the steal and dunk on Francisco Garcia.

Aaron Brooks Dunks On Russell Westbrook


Aaron Brooks with the alley-oop slam on Russell Westbrook

Dwyane Wade Dunks On Yi Jianlian


I guess Yi wants to get in on the Jermaine O'Neal/Theo Ratliff running competition for most times getting dunked on this season.

Jamario Moon Dunks On Andre Iguodala


Jamario Moon with the high flyin' dunk over Andre Iguodala. Stop reaching AI.

Stromile Swift Dunks On Michael Beasley


Stromile Swift dunks on Michael Beasley. I guess these two like dunking on each other.

Vince Carter Dunks On Mark Blount


Vince Carter flies past Mark Blount for the dunk.

DeAndre Jordan Dunks On Chris Mihm

DeAndre Jordan throws down a monster one handed slam over Chris Mihm. Been waiting for this one to show up since I saw the pic. This is gonna be a tough dunk to top this week.


Elton Brand Dunks On Jermaine O'Neal

Elton Brand joins the growing list of players who have destroyed Jermaine O'Neal. I didn't know Elton had this type of tenacity in him.

By the way, if you're scoring at home Jermaine O'Neal 2, Theo Ratliff 1 for most times getting dunked on so far this season.


Mark Blount Dunks On Yi Jianlan


Damn Yi...Mark Blount? You let Mark Blount dunk on you? That should be an automatic demotion to the D-League.

Michael Beasley Dunks On Stromile Swift


The Beast throws down a smooth lefty dunk over Stromile Swift.

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