Throwback Dunk of The Week: James Worthy Dunks On Robert Parish

Big Game James drives past Larry Legend and throws one down in The Chief's grill.

Paul Davis Dunks On Brad Miller

I'm sure some Michigan State Spartan fans will enjoy this follow dunk by Paul Davis.

Eric Gordon Dunks On Beno Udrih

Flash Gordon rises above Beno Udrih and brings the pain.

Wilson Chandler Dunks On Emeka Okafor

Wilson Chandler with the one handed jackhammer on Emeka Okafor. More views of the dunk below.

Andrew Bogut Dunks On Tim Duncan

Andrew Bogut with a simple little dunk over Tim Duncan.

Kevin Garnett Dunks On Nene

Found this KG dunk over Nene when I was looking for Nene dunks.

Nene Dunks On Samuel Dalembert

Missed this Nene dunk from a few days back over Samuel Dalembert.

Nene Dunks On LaMarcus Aldridge

Another Brazilian waxin', Nene style.

Nene Dunks Over Boris Diaw

Nene with the huge slam over Boris Diaw.

Nene Dunks on Dikembe Mutumbo

Nene dunks one over Mt. Mutumbo.

Nene Dunks On Carlos Boozer

Carlos Boozer holds on for dear life as Nene takes him on a ride to the rim.

Nene Dunks on Gerald Wallace

Nene with the monster slam over Gerald Wallace.

Nene Dunks On Pau Gasol

Older dunk from Nene over Pau Gasol. I think I'm going to make this Nene Day on You Got Dunked On

Nene Dunks On David Lee

Nene continues to victimize other with his nasty dunks. This time he catches David Lee. Props to LilPharmacist11 for the vid aka the best video ripper in the game.

Chris Bosh Dunks On Jamal Crawford

Chris Bosh with the putback dunk over Jamal Crawford. Nothing special here just doing due diligence.

Al Jefferson Dunks On Darrell Arthur

Big Al Jefferson is starting to bring the pain down low lately with some nasty dunks. I like this new found nastiness from Big Al.

Mickael Pietrus Dunks On Jason Maxiell

Mickael Pietrus with the nasty dunk on Jason Maxiell. This one was so good that it hurt.

Antonio McDyess Dunk Mix

There was once a time when Antonio McDyess was being compared to Shawn Kemp as one of the best big man dunkers in the NBA. This dunk mix captures that time perfectly with some ridiculous McDyess dunks from back in the day. There's some pretty nasty facials after the 2 minute mark.

Antonio Daniels Dunks On Delonte West

Antonio Daniels posterizes Delonte West and pays the price in the process.

Antonio Daniels Dunks On Chris Gatling

Antonio Daniels throws one down over Chris Gatling.

Antonio Daniels Dunks On Keith Closs

Antonio Daniels with the nasty dunk on big man Keith Closs. Yes, I said Keith Closs...what a stiff he was.

Tim Thomas Dunks On Anthony Randolph

Found this Tim Thomas dunk when looking for Anthony Randolph dunks.

Antawn Jamison Dunks On Drew Gooden

Antawn Jamison with the baseline jam over Drew Gooden.

Tracy McGrady Dunks On Andris Biedrins

Found this T-Mac dunk when I was looking for dunks from Andris Biedrins.

Andris Biedrins Dunks On Andrei Kirilenko

Andris Beidrins destroys AK-47 with this dunk.

Andris Biedrins Dunks On Amare Stoudemire & Steve Nash

Andris Biedrins throws down over Amare Stoudemire & Steve Nash. Still working my way down the list of older dunks. Amazing that I'm still on the A's.

Dahntay Jones Dunks On Tim Thomas

Dahntay Jones with the thunderous dunk over Tim Thomas.

Travis Outlaw Dunks On Jermaine O'Neal

Jermaine O'Neal had a rough night getting dunked on by Greg Oden and then Travis Outlaw threw down this nasty dunk on his dome as well.

Tayshaun Prince Dunks On Andrew Bogut

Tayshaun Prince crowns Andrew Bogut with the facial.

Greg Oden Dunks On Jermaine O'Neal

Big Greg Oden learns a valuable lesson: If at first you don't succeed in dunking on Jermaine O'Neal, then try, try again.

Kevin Love Dunks On Dwight Howard

Kevin Love throws it down on Dwight Howard.

Hakim Warrick Dunks Over Rasho Nesterovic

Hakim Warrick with the high flyin' baseline jam over Rasho Nesterovic.

Ronnie Brewer Dunks On Erick Dampier

Ronnie Brewer tells Erick Dampier to "please, go sit down" and he probably should after getting dunked on twice last night.

Brook Lopez Dunks On Emeka Okafor

Brook Lopez with the facial on Emeka Okafor.

Kyrylo Fesenko Dunks On Erick Dampier

Carlos Boozer, Memhet Okur, and Paul Millsap are all out with injuries for the Jazz, so that means Kyrylo Fesenko is getting some run and making good use of it by throwing down on Erick Dampier.

Kenyon Martin Dunks On Samuel Dalembert

Kenyon Martin with the monster two handed slam on Samuel Dalembert.

Shaquille O'Neal Dunks On Tim Duncan

Shaq gives Tim Duncan a stocking stuffer for Christmas.

Dwight Howard Dunks On Hilton Armstrong

Dwight Howard destroyed Hilton Armstrong with this dunk.

Andrew Bynum Dunks On Antoine Walker

Andrew Bynum with the And-1 dunk on Antoine Walker.

Andrew Bynum Dunks On Ian Mahinmi

Andrew Bynum with the REAL And-1 dunk on Ian Mahinmi.

Andrew Bynum Dunks On Amare Stoudemire

Andrew Bynum catches the alley-oop on Amare Stoudemire's dome.

Andrew Bynum Dunks On Kelenna Azubuike

Andrew Bynum with the And-1 dunk on Kelenna Azubuike.

Andrew Bynum Dunks On Justin Williams

Andrew Bynum absolutely destroys Justin Williams with this dunk.

Andrew Bynum Dunks On Robert Swift

Another Andrew Bynum dunk on Robert Swift.

Andrew Bynum Dunks On Robert Swift & Chris Wilcox

Check out this older dunk from Andrew Bynum over Robert Swift and Chris Wilcox.

Andrew Bynum Dunks On Emeka Okafor

Here's an older dunk from Andrew Bynum on Emeka Okafor.

Montana State's Kral Ferch Dunks On St. John's Shelton Jones

Damn, this guy got some serious hops. Woody Harrelson would be proud. Props to Todd once again.

Renaldo Balkman Dunks On Devin Harris

Renaldo Balkman destroys Devin Harris with this dunk from back in the day. Props to You Got Dunked On reader Todd for bringing this dunk to my attention.

Throwback Dunk of The Week: Shaquille O'Neal Dunks On Gheorghe Muresan

Shaq dunks on Gheorghe Muresan not once, not twice, but three times! This is a You Got Dunked On match made in heaven.

Charlie Villanueva Dunks On Andrei Kirilenko

Charlie V with the eyebrow raising slam in Ak47's grill. Damn, I'm so wrong for that one!

Kenyon Martin Dunks On Joel Pryzbilla

True story: Joel Przybilla prefers doing his holiday shopping at WalMart instead of K-Mart and Kenyon wasn't too happy about it.

Leon Powe Dunks On Samuel Dalembert

Leon Powe with the and 1 dunk on Samuel Dalembert and then the "Powes" at the end.

C.J. Miles Dunks On Luc Richard Mbah a Moute

C.J. Miles with the one handed throwdown over Luc Richard Mbah a Moute.

Jamario Moon Dunks On Brian Skinner

What purpose does Brian Skinner serve in the league besides getting dunked on? There's gotta be someone in the D-League better than Skinner. Ah well, I guess I shouldn't complain because he's been providing a lot of value to You Got Dunked On.

Mikki Moore Dunks On Tony Parker

Mikki Moore dunks all over Tony Parker's dome.

Chris Andersen Dunks On Joel Przybilla

Chris Andersen with the putback dunk over Joel Przybilla.

Rudy Gay Dunks On Pau Gasol

Rudy Gay throws one down over Pau Gasol.

Chris Bosh Dunks On Brian Skinner

Chris Bosh with the powerful throw down over Brian Skinner. The expression on Skinner's face in the pic is classic.

Nene Dunks On Amare Stoudemire

Nene gets the better of Amare with this dunk.

UConn's Hasheem Thabeet Dunks On Gonzaga's Josh Heytvelt

Don't mess with UConn's Hasheem Thabeet or he will dunk on your neck.

Kobe Bryant Dunks On Sean Elliot

Older dunk from Kobe with the alley oop over Sean Elliot.

Dwyane Wade Dunks On Erick Dampier

Older dunk from D-Wade over Erick Dampier.

Nate Robinson Dunks On Leon Powe

Nate Robinson with the ridiculous putback jam over Leon Powe.

Al Jefferson Dunks On Yao Ming

Big Al Jefferson climbs the Great Wall of China with the dunk on Yao Ming.

Marreese Speights Dunks On Josh McRoberts

Marreese Speights with the one hand cockback on Josh McRoberts. Speights has been a beast since Elton Brand went down with his shoulder injury.

Al Jefferson Dunks On Shane Battier

Big Al Jefferson with the nasty throw down on Shane Battier.

Richard Jefferson Dunks on Al Thornton

Richard Jefferson dunks it down over Al Thornton.

Andre Iguodala Dunks On Brandon Rush

Andre Iguodala with the two handed slam.

Dunk of The Week: Vote

There were a ton of nasty dunks this week and I wanna know what the readers think is the Dunk of The Week. Click on the links to view the dunks.

Desmond Mason Dunks On Jamario Moon

From now on You Got Dunked On will officially refer to Desmond Mason as "The Earth" because he shadowed over the Moon for the Lunar Eclipse dunk.

Kevin Durant Dunks On Jermaine O'Neal

Jermaine O'Neal gets punched on by Kevin Durant. Watching JO get dunked on never gets tired, especially when it's someone like Durant doing the dirty work.

Shawn Marion Dunks On Andrew Bynum

The Matrix with the and 1 dunk on Andrew Bynum.

Kendrick Perkins Does NOT Get Dunked On By Ben Gordon

Perk with the monster block on Ben Gordon. Not sure what Ben was thinking on this one.

Shawn Marion Dunks On Lamar Odom

Shaw Marion isn't the player he used to be but he can still throw down some nasty dunks.

Marreese Speights Dunks On Juan Dixon

Marreese Speights is filling in for Elton Brand quite nicely, wouldn't you say? First he dunks on Ramon Sessions back now he's plowing through Juan Dixon.

Shaquille O'Neal Dunks On Greg Oden

I'm convinced that Shaq is going to make sure he dunks on Greg Oden everytime they play. Here's Shaq's dunk on Oden the last time these two faced off.

Dwight Howard Dunks On Tim Duncan

Dwight Howard backs down Tim Duncan and then implants the Spalding logo onto Tim Duncan's chest.

Amare Stoudemire Dunks On Joel Przybilla

Why do I feel like I've seen this before? I guess Przybilla didn't learn his lesson last time. Get 'em Amare.

Josh Smith Dunks On Kendrick Perkins

Josh Smith threw one down with some ridiculous authority over Kendrick Perkins. The Celtics still won the game though.

Andrew Bogut Dunks On Jermaine O'Neal

More visual evidence of Jermaine O'Neal getting dunked on.

Andrew Bogut Dunks On Joe Przybilla

Andrew Bogut throws down on Joe Przybilla.

Tim Duncan Dunks On Andrew Bogut

Was looking for Andrew Bogut dunks and came across this one of Timmy D throwing down on Bogut at the Olympics.

Marreese Speights Dunks On Ramon Sessions

Rookie Marreese Speights dunking on people's backs with some authority.

Throwback Dunk of The Week: Grant Hill Dunks On Alonzo Mourning

Remember when Grant Hill used to be able to get up like this? I think Grant Hill's Pistons' jersey was the second jersey I ever bought after my Shawn Kemp Sonics' jersey. It was the original Pistons jersey though, not the ugly mess he's rocking in the video.

Andrea Bargnani Dunks on Al Horford

Another older dunk from Bargnani.

Andrea Bargnani Dunks On Bo Outlaw

I'm still working my way down the list for adding older dunks that aren't up yet. This one from Andrea Bargnani is actually pretty nasty.

Manu Ginobili Dunks On DeSagana Diop

Check out this older dunk from Manu Ginobili on DeSagana Diop.

Chris Andersen Dunks On Chuck Hayes

Chris Anderson sneaks in for the foul line jam over Chuck Hayes.

Nene Dunks On Yao Ming

I didn't even finish going through all the highlites from last night yet, but as soon as I saw this dunk I had to post it. Nene is on his way to being inducted into the YouGotDunkedOn Hall of Fame.


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Jason Richardson Dunks On Tim Thomas

Tim Thomas gets caught reaching for cookies in the cookie jar, but comes up empty handed.

J.R. Smith Dunks On Dirk Nowitzki

J.R. Smith with the putback jam all over Dirk Nowitzki's neck.

Joey Graham Dunks On Ryan Anderson & Josh Boone

Joey Graham with the sick throw down over Ryan Anderson & Josh Boone. Props to LilPharmacist11 for the vid.

Andre Iguodala Dunks On The Bulls

I think Iguodala catches this dunk on Malik Allen, but I can't really tell.

Andre Iguodala Dunks On Rasho Nesterovic

Andre Iguodala destroys Stephen A. Smith's boy Raaasshhhooo Nesterrrooovic.

Andray Blatche Dunks On Joakim Noah

Another older dunk from Andray Blatche, this time over Joakim Noah.

Andray Blatche Dunks On James Posey

Andray Blatche with the massive putback over James Posey. This is an older dunk from Blatche.

Jeff Green Dunks On Tim Duncan

I didn't know Jeff Green could throw down with so much authority.

Kenyon Martin Dunks On Rob Kurz

Kenyon Martin with the beastly two handed dunk on Rob Kurz.

Joakim Noah Dunks On Ryan Anderson

Joakim Noah throws one down into the hoop on Ryan Anderson.

Tayshaun Prince Dunks On Gerald Wallace

Tayshaun Prince with the nasty slam on Gerald Wallace.

Josh Smith Dunks On Wally Szczerbiak

Josh Smith with the alley-oop slam over Wally Szczerbiak.

Carl Landry Dunks On Anthony Randolph

Carl Landry abuses rookie Anthony Randolph, Prince style. In your face Charlie Murphy!

Al Horford Dunks On Udonis Haslem

Al Horford drives baseline and dunks over Udonis Haslem.

Dwyane Wade Dunks On Josh Smith

Dwyane Wade throws one down on Josh Smith. D-Wade is killing the league this year.

Greg Oden Dunks On Brian Skinner

Greg Oden rockin' the rim with the dunk on Brian Skinner.

Nicolas Batum Dunks On Al Thornton

Nicolas Batum drives the baseline and slams it home over Al Thornton.

Tim Duncan Dunks On Al Jefferson

Tim Duncan dunkin' one down on Big Al Jefferson.

Rudy Gay Dunks On Aaron Gray

Rudy Gay soars over Aaron Gray.

Darko Milicic Dunks On Aaron Gray

Darko makes an appearance with the dunk on Aaron Gray.

Kevin Garnett Dunks Over James Posey

KG catches the ally-oop pass from Ray Allen and throws it down over former Celtic James Posey.

Chris Bosh Dunks On Yi Jianlian

Chris Bosh with the nasty dunk over the human dunking pinata, Yi Jianlian.

Rudy Gay Dunks On Tyrus Thomas

Rudy Gay with the two handed power dunk over Tyrus Thomas.

Amare Stoudemire Dunks On Brian Cardinal

I have no idea what Brian Cardinal was thinking on this one. He deserves what he got....a posterization from Amare!

Amare Stoudemire Dunks On Stromile Swift

Wow, for a second there I thought Stromile Swift was Zab Judah the first time he got knocked out. Just another KO dunk for Amare.

Amare Stoudemire Dunks On Francisco Garcia

Amare catches the alley-oop pass from Nash and throws it down on Francisco Garcia's dome.

Amare Stoudemire Dunks On Gerald Wallace

Add another one to the Amare dunking collection.

Amare Stoudemire Dunks On Michael Olowokandi

For Amare Stoudemire, dunking on the Kandi Man is as easy as stealing candy from a baby.

Amare Stoudemire Dunks On Greg Ostertag

Older video of Amare Stoudemire breaking Greg Ostertag's back with a monster slam.

Amare Stoudemire Dunks On Joel Przybilla

Some older video of Amare Stoudemire throwing down a MASSIVE dunk over Joe Przybilla.

St Joe's Ahmad Nivins Dunks On Villanova's Corey Stokes

This is the only part of the Villanova-St. Joe's game I caught last night or else I wouldn't have known about this dunk. Guess I have good timing. Props to nikesneakers for the rip.

Emeka Okafor Dunks On Erick Dampier

Emeka Okafor is still exacting revenge for getting dunked on by Dwyane Wade.

Brandon Bass Dunks On Sean May & Adam Morrison

Now that Josh Howard is out indefinitely, I want to see Brandon Bass get some more run, so he can throw down like this more often.

Kendrick Perkins Dunks On JaVale McGee

I can only imagine the amount of junk that Perk was talking after he bammed on JaVale McGee. This is also Kendrick Perkin's first appearance on You Got Dunked On.

Allen Iverson Dunks On UConn

I know you remember this sick dunk AI threw down on UConn while he was playing for Georgetown. This one is a classic. I used to love the old grey Georgetown uni's and still do.

Al Thornton Dunks On Wisconsin's Greg Stiemsma

Check out this sick dunk from Al Thornton against Wisconsin back in his Florida State days.

Al Horford Dunks On Desagana Diop

My goal is to get every dunked on video that exists on the 'net onto this blog. So I'm starting with the A's and working my way down the list to get some of the older dunks I'm missing posted. This is an older Al Horford dunk over Desagana Diop.

Andris Biedrins Does NOT Get Dunked On By Charlie Villanueva

Needless to say this is not one of Charlie Villanueva's finer moments. Rejection!

Emeka Okafor Does NOT Get Dunked On By Sean Marks

Emeka Okafor must still be mad about D-Wade posterizing him the other night and decided to take his frustration out on poor Sean Marks.

Karl Malone Dunk Mix

In honor of Lebron James' "Karl Malone Dunk" from last night, I figured this would be the perfect time to throw up a Karl Malone Dunk Mix that includes at least two dunks of Karl doing his patented hand behind the head dunk. Damn, I forgot how much of a beast the Mailman was.

Throwback Dunk of The Week: Karl Malone Dunks On Stacey King

The Throwback Dunk of The Week comes from the "Mailman" Karl Malone, who delivers the goods to Stacey King's dome.

Amare Stoudemire Dunks On Andrew Bogut

This is the second dunk Amare caught in the game last night against the Bucks. This one is over big Andrew Bogut as you can see.

Andray Blatche Dunks On Rasheed Wallace

There's too much visual evidence for 'Sheed to deny this one. Wish I had this many photos for all the dunks on the blog though. Would have been nice if they had a photo of the actual dunk too.

Pau Gasol Dunks On Brad Miller

Nothing special here with this dunk from Pau Gasol. Next time put a little oomph into that dunk Pau.

Amare Stoudemire Dunks On Luc Richard Mbah a Moute

Amare caught a couple dunks last night, here's the first of the two, this one on Luc Richard Mbah a Moute

Rudy Gay Dunks On Luis Scola & Yao Ming

China and Argentina unsuccessfully join forces to try and stop this Rudy Gay dunk.

Nick Collison Dunks On Ronny Turiaf

The good news is that Ronny Turiaf is tied for 4th in the NBA with 2.1 blocks a game. The bad news is that he gets dunked on A LOT, even by....Nick Collison? Yup, that's right, Nick Collison.

Kevin Durant Dunks On Kelenna Azubuike

inyoface called this one the other day...if you play for Golden State even the guards like Kelenna Azubuike get abused by dunks like this one from Kevin Durant.

Von Wafer Dunks On Darko Milicic

Von Wafer will catch you sleeping and throw one down on you, just ask Darko.

Dwight Howard Dunks On Brian Skinner

It's about damn time Dwight Howard dunked on someone this season. Stop slackin' Dwight.

Dwyane Wade Dunks On Emeka Okafor

Dwyane Wade debo's Emeka Okafor. That's my ball punk! This is one of the nastiest dunks of the season.

Joey Graham Dunks On Joel Przybilla

Man, Joey Graham has been putting in work this season with all the dunks he has thrown down. He's definitely an underrated dunker and his latest victim is Joel Przybilla, who he posterized yesterday. Props to bigmac15.

Tayshaun Prince Dunks On Al Harrington

Tayshuan Prince welcome Al Harrington to New York.

Amare Stoudemire Dunks On Mehmet Okur

Amare Stoudemire with the big putback jam over Mehmet Okur.

Renaldo Balkman Dunks On Francisco Garcia

Renaldo Balkman makes a suprise appearance and throws one down on Francisco Garcia.

Shaquille O'Neal Dunks On Paul Millsap

Not only did Shaq destroy Andrei Kirilenko last night, but he threw one down on Paul Millsap too.

Dominic McGuire Dunks On Andres Nocioni

Dominic McGuire with the facial on Andres Nocioni.

Etan Thomas Dunks On Drew Gooden

Etan Thomas throws one down on Drew Gooden.

Shaquille O'Neal Dunks On Andrei Kirilenko

Shaq with the nasty jam all over AK-47. This is some classic Shaq right here getting all up in AK47's grill.

Brook Lopez Dunks On Reggie Evans

Brook Lopez throws one down over Reggie Evans.

Yao Mings Dunks On Anthony Randolph

Yao Ming returns the favor with this dunk on Anthony Randolph.

Anthony Randolph Dunks on Yao Ming

Anthony Randolph throws down a left handed dunk over Yao Ming....and he caught Yao with a putback dunk later on too.

Joey Graham Dunks On Mehmet Okur

Joe Alexander Dunks On Jason Richardson & Nazr Mohammed

Check out this nasty putback slam by Joe Alexander over J-Rich and Nazr Muhammed.

Ron Artest Dunks On Ronny Turiaf

Ron Artest throws down a mean dunk on Ronny Turiaf. I'm starting to think Turiaf is French for Ratliff. On a side note: I need to work on my editing skills.

Kevin Love Dunks On Vince Carter

Kevin Love couldn't get revenge on Chris Douglas-Roberts for dunking on him back at UCLA, so he decided to take it out on CDR's teammate Vince Carter.

Devin Harris Dunks On Chris Andersen

Since Devin Harris has been catching wreck this season, I thought I would throw up this older video of him throwing one down in Chris Andersen's mug.

Tracy McGrady Dunks On Jacque Vaughn

Here's an older dunk from T-Mac, who destroys Jacque Vaughn.

Alexander Johnson Dunks On Georgia Tech

Here is a classic college dunk from Florida State's Alexander Johnson.

Wake Forest's Jeff Teague Dunks On NC State's Gavin Grant

Apparently we should have known about the Dunkin' Deacons of Wake Forest, because even last season they were throwing down nasty dunks like this one.

Wake Forest's James Johnson Dunks On Indiana's Matt Roth

Wake Forest is officially a problem. James Johnson demonizes Indiana's Matt Roth, which makes it 3 different Deamon Deacons in the past week to catch a nasty dunk. Here are the previous two: Wake Forest's Jeff Teague Dunks On Cal State Fullerton's Gerard Anderson & Wake Forest's Al-Farouq Aminu Dunks On UTEP

Kobe Bryant Dunks On Adonal Foyle

Another older dunk from Kobe, this time abusing Adonal Foyle.

Kobe Bryant Dunks On Chris Andersen

Another dunk to add to the Kobe catalog. This one is over the Birdman.

Kobe Bryant Dunks On Brent Barry

Another older dunk by Kobe with the posterization of Brent Barry.

Kobe Bryant Dunks On Steve Francis

Here's an older dunk by Kobe with the monster facial on Steve Francis. Shoutout to Chris who sent me links to some older Kobe dunks that were not posted up on You Got Dunked On yet.

NBA TV Top 10 Dunks - November

Here are the Top 10 Dunks of November, via NBA TV.

Throwback Dunk of The Week: Clyde Drexler Dunks On Sean Elliot

It wouldn't be right to have this blog without Clyde Drexler on it, so it's about time he made an appearance. Clyde The Glide threw down this dunk over Sean Elliot in the 1995 Western Conference Finals.

Al Thornton Dunks On Dirk Nowitzki

Al Thornton explodes to the hoop with the and 1 dunk over Dirk, but the real reason I wanted to post this video is the ridiculous block by Marcus Camby on J.J. Barea at the beginning. Straight tosses that junk.

JaVale McGee Dunks On Yi Jianlian

JaVale McGee becomes the latest player to victimize Yi. At this point, Yi is running away with the lead for most times getting dunked on this season.

Dwyane Wade Dunks On Brandan Wright

Dwyane Wade just destroyed Brandan Wright with this dunk last night.

Von Wafer Dunks On Chris Andersen

Von Wafer makes an appearance with the dunk over Chris Andersen.

Greg Oden Dunks Over Kwame Brown

Greg Oden bullies Kwame Brown out of his way and then throws one down.

Amare Stoudemire Dunks On Yi Jianlian

I swear there must be a bounty to dunk on Yi because he's been getting dunked on a lot lately. That being was only a matter of time before Amare dunked on's almost like they should have had a commercial like the LT/Polumalu one where it was Amare's fate to dunk on Yi.

Nene Dunks On Carl Landry

It's nice to see Nene back and finally healthy, so he can throw down dunks like this one. I haven't counted, but he's got to be right up there with Amare for most dunks on people at the start of this season.

Andrew Bynum Dunks On Joey Graham

Andrew Bynum catches the lob pass and puts a hurtin' on Joey Graham.

Nene Dunks On Mike Miller and Craig Smith

Nene gives Mike Miller and Craig Smith a waxin' Brazilian style with this dunk.

Al Jefferson Dunks On Chris Andersen

Believe it or not this is Big Al Jefferson's first appearance on You Got Dunked On.

C.J. Miles Dunks On Sean Williams

C.J. Miles with the nasty left handed slam on Sean Williams.

Dayton's Chris Wright Dunks On Marquette's Maurice Acker

Check out this ridiculous dunk by Dayton's Chris Wright as he jumps over Marquette's Maurice Acker and gives him a nice knee to the face in the process....nasty.

Ronnie Brewer Dunks On Yi Jianlian

Ronnie Brewer throws down a two handed slam on Yi Jianlian.

Kevin Garnett Dunks On Theo Ratliff

This sequence couldn't get any better. First, Theo Ratliff gets tossed by Kendrick Perkins, then on the other end KG throws one down over Ratliff, who tries to block KG's dunk.

Nene Dunks On Julian Wright

Nene with the strong finish over Julian Wright.

Wake Forest's Al-Farouq Aminu Dunks On UTEP

Wake Forest's Al-Farouq Aminu with the massive slam on UTEP.

Luther Head Dunks On Ronny Turiaf

Here's an older dunk from Luther Head with the dunk on Ronny Turiaf

Wake Forest's Jeff Teague Dunks On Cal State Fullerton's Gerard Anderson

Check out this nasty dunk from Wake Forest's Jeff Teague over Gerard Anderson.

Paul Millsap Dunks On Quinton Ross

Paul Millsap with the nasty putback dunk over Quinton Ross.

Chris Bosh Dunks On Matt Carroll

Chris Bosh throws one down lefty style on Matt Carroll.

Pau Gasol Dunks On Brook Lopez & Yi Jianlian

Pau Gasol with the reverse jam over Brook Lopez and Yi Jianlian gets in on the action.

Chris Douglas-Roberts Dunks On Kevin Love

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Had to re-up this classic.

Russell Westbrook Dunks On Matt Barnes

Russell Westbrook with the two handed throwdown over Matt Barnes.

Andray Blatche Dunks On Brandon Wright & Anthony Randolph

Andray Blatche throws one down over Brandon Wright & Anthony Randolph. Not sure why the announcer says it's Erick Dampier though.

Kobe Bryant Dunks Over Brook Lopez

Kobe Bryant rises over Brook Lopez for the vicious slam.

Texas' Justin Mason Dunks On Notre Dame's Luke Harangody

Justin Mason with the crossover and explosive jam over Notre Dame's Luke Harangody

Throwback Dunk of The Week: Shawn Kemp Dunks On Scottie Pippen

Shawn Kemp serves up the facial to Scottie Pippen back in the 1996 NBA Finals.

David West Dunks On Chris Kaman

David West with the southpaw slam on Chris Kaman.

Kenyon Martin Dunks On Joakim Noah

Another dunk from K-Mart, this time on Joakim Noah.

Kenyon Martin Dunks Over Drew Gooden

Kenyon Martin dunks over Drew Gooden and then starts spazzing out.

Lebron James Dunks On Al Horford & Soloman Jones

Lebron James is a beast showing off his strength with this dunk over two Hawks.

Rudy Gay Dunks On Andrei Kirilenko

Rudy Gay locks, loads, and fires one down on AK 47.

Shaquille O'Neal Dunks On Greg Oden

Greg Oden might look like an old man, but Shaq is still his daddy.

Vince Carter Dunks On Chris Kaman

Vinsanity soars for the dunk over Chris Kaman.

Amare Stoudemire Dunks On Travis Outlaw

Amare Stoudemire is definitely in the Hall of Fame of dunking in other people's grills. Seems like Amare gets one of these a game.

Rudy Gay Dunks On Paul Millsap

Rudy Gay with the one handed jackhammer on Paul Millsap.

LaMarcus Aldridge Dunks On Amare Stoudemire

LaMarcus Aldridge with the two handed slam over Amare.

Andrew Bogut Dunks On Emeka Okafor

Aussie Andrew Bogut shows Emeka Okafor what it's like to be down under.....a dunk that is.

Brook Lopez Dunks On Chris Kaman

Brook Lopez throws one down on Chris Kaman. This is just the first of NINE dunks I will be posting from last night, so stay tuned.

Rudy Gay Dunks On Joakim Noah

Rudy Gay jackhammers one down on Joakim Noah.

UCLA's Alfred Aboya Dunks On Joakim Noah

Big props to You Got Dunked On commenter inyoface for reminding me about this ridiculous dunk from Alfred Aboya over Joakim Noah.

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