Russell Westbrook Dunks On Gerald Green

Russell Westbrook with the one handed demolition on Gerald Green.

Grant Hill Dunks On Andrea Bargnani

Grant Hill droppin' the hammer on Andrea Bargnani. Nice to see all these dunks from Grant lately.

Dwyane Wade Does NOT Get Dunks On By Joe Johnson

Dwyane Wade with the huge block on Joe Johnson.

Vladimir Radmanovic Dunks On Anthony Randolph

Vlad Ramanovic with the baseline smash over Anthony Randolph.

Louis Amundson Dunks On Patrick O'Bryant

I couldn't really tell who was getting dunked on in this video. It looks like #13, but there's no number 13 listed on the roster, and judging by who played in last night's game, the only options are Patrick O'Bryant, Joey Graham, and Anthony Parker. Looks the most like O'Bryant to me.

Delonte West Dunks On Pops Mensah-Bonsu

This was not the way I was hoping Pops Mensah-Bonsu would make his first appearance on You Got Dunked On.

Antawn Jamison Dunks On Luol Deng

Antawn Jamison showing off with the reverse jam over Luol Deng.

Yao Ming Dunks On Lebron James

Yao showing some toughness and slamming one on the King of Weak J's.

Jason Richardson Dunks On Lamar Odom

Leandro Barbosa throws a sick behind the back pass to Jason Richardson for the baseline jam over Lamar Odom.

Ron Artest Dunks On Anderson Varejao

Ron Artest and the Rockets put a hurtin' on Anderson Varejao and the Cavs last night.

Memphis' Tyreke Evans Dunks On UAB's Robert Vaden

Tyreke Evans yams all over Robert Vaden with this one handed fast break dunk. Props to 513official2 for the vid.

Duke's Gerald Henderson Dunks On Maryland

Gerald Henderson didn't really dunk on anyone in particular, but this dunk was nasty so I wanted to post it.

Rodney Carney Dunks On Anthony Parker

Rodney Carney with the two handed smash on Anthony Parker.

UConn's Stanley Robinson Dunks On Marquette's Jimmy Butler

Stanley Robinson with the dunk and emphatic yell in Jim Calhoun's 800th win.

Carmelo Anthony Dunks On Solomon Jones

Remember bitter beer face? Well, Carmelo had on his bitter dunk face for this one.

C.J. Miles Dunks On Mike Miller

Deron Williams with the behind the back pass the C.J. Miles, who puts a hurtin' on Mike Miller.

Spencer Hawes Dunks On Gerald Wallace

Spencer Hawes putting one in Gerald Wallace's grill.

Marcus Camby Dunks On Kendrick Perkins

Marcus Camby flyin' through the air with the putback dunk over Perk.

Luol Deng Dunks On Devin Harris

Luol Deng with the two handed smash on Devin Harris.

Dwight Howard Dunks On Nate Robinson

Dwight gets his revenge.

Antawn Jamison Dunks On Samuel Dalembert

Antawn Jamison with the baseline jam over Samuel Dalembert.

Texas A&M's Dash Harris Dunks On Nebraska's Cookie Miller

Dash Harris is now officially known as the Cookie Monster, since he apparently loves to devour his Cookie's dunked on style.

Throwback Dunk of The Week: Julius Erving Dunks On Kareem Abdul-Jabbar

Dr. J abuses Kareem Abdul-Jabbar with this hammer dunk.

Joey Graham Dunks On Mike Miller

Joey Graham smashes on Mike Miller.

Rudy Gay Dunks On Zydrunas Ilgauskas

Rudy Gay droppin' the hammer on Big Z.

Andrea Bargnani Dunks On Brian Cardinal

Andrea Bargnani goes baseline and reverses for the one handed smash.

Louis Amundson Dunks On Juwan Howard

Juwan Howard getting punched on by Zach Randolph's whooping boy.

Dominque Wilkins Dunks On Larry Bird

This video has a couple of nice 'Nique dunks, but check out the one at the end where he dunks on Larry Legend. The pic above is a different dunk though before I start getting comments about it, haha.

Carmelo Anthony Dunks On Glen "Big Baby" Davis

'Melo with the two handed facial on Big Baby.

Fred Jones Dunks On Ronny Turiaf

Fred Jones makes an appearance with the baseline smash over Ronny Turiaf.

Glen "Big Baby" Davis Dunks On Kenyon Martin

Big Baby catches Kenyon Martin reaching for his cookies.

DeMar DeRozan High School Dunks

Check out a couple of sick high school poster dunks from USC's DeMar DeRozan.

DeAndre Jordan Dunks On Brandon Roy & Greg Oden

DeAndre Jordan with the putback dunk on Brandon Roy and Greg Oden. Props to LilPharmacist11 for the vid.

David West Dunks On Chris Mihm

David West posterizes one of our favorite posterees, Chris Mihm.

Brandon Roy Dunks On David West

Here's an older dunk from Brandon Roy on David West.

Dwight Howard Dunks On Udonis Haslem & Dwyane Wade

Dwight Howard throws one down with Haslem and D-Wade hanging all over his back. This was the only dunk on someone from last night, so I'll be posting some older dunks later on today.

Kentucky's Patrick Patterson Dunks On Tennessee's Wayne Chism

Patrick Patterson returned to action yesterday against Tennessee and promptly introduced himself to Wayne Chism. Props to ukcat8fan for the vid.

Russell Westbrook Dunks On Marco Belinelli

Russell Westbrook with some ridiculous off the backboard posterization of Marco Belinelli. Arrivederci my friend!

James Singleton Dunks On Spencer Hawes & Donte Green

James Singleton crowns two Kings with a nasty jam.

Kevin Durant Dunks On Anthony Randolph

Kevin Durant posterizes Anthony Randolph with the two handed throwdown.

Spencer Hawes Dunks On Brandon Bass

Spencer Hawes with a non-menacing looking putback dunk over Brandon Bass.

Joakim Noah Dunks On Nene

Joakim Noah gives Nene the bizness. Nice dunk right here.

Josh Smith Does NOT Get Dunked On By Nicolas Batum

Wow, this one wasn't even close. Josh Smith ate Batum up alive.

Kevin Durant Dunks On Louis Amundson

Kevin Durant drives baseline with the two handed slam over Zach Randolph's whooping boy, Louis Amundson.

Jason Maxiell Dunks On Matt Bonner

Uhh yeah, like you didn't think I was gonna post this one? Pic please?

Anthony Randolph Dunks On Lamar Odom

Anthony Randolph shining Lamar Odom's head.

Dwight Howard Dunks On Hilton Armstrong

The Hilton has officially filed for bankruptcy. Times are rough out there for an Armstrong.

Derrick Rose Dunks On Charlie Villanueva

The cameraman was just a little bit late on this one. Made for a funny looking pic though.

Mike Miller Dunks On Jermaine O'Neal

Mike Miller? Seriously? Mike friggen' Miller? Shame on you Jermaine O'Neal!

Kenyon Martin Dunks On Reggie Evans & Theo Ratliff

Kenyon Martin elevates and dunks over Reggie Evans and Theo Ratliff and it makes it look easy.

Vladimir Radmanovic Dunks On Brandon Rush & Rasho Nesterovic

'Vic on 'Vic crime.

Throwback Dunk of The Week: Julius Erving Dunks On Artis Gilmore

Dr. J gets the outlet pass from Larry Legend and proceeds to posterize Artis Gilmore.

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Note: This will remain at the top of the blog until Wednesday. I will be posting dunks the next three days, but they will show up below this post.

Kevin Durant Dunks On Sean Marks

Apparently all the NBA cameramen took the night off because I couldn't find one pic of any of the dunks I posted from last night. Kevin Durant, on the otherhand, never takes a night off.

Roy Hibbert Dunks On Andre Miller

Andre Miller, please don't ever try to block a 7-footer again. Thank you.

Darko Milicic Dunks On Matt Harpring

Darko must have known that I was posting his older dunks up yesterday and decided to "reward" me with this beauty.

Jeff Green Dunks On Rasual Butler

Just wanted to post this dunk because it looks like something straight out of the 80's.

Ronnie Brewer Dunks On Darko Milicic

Ronnie Brewer throwing one down over Darko.

Rasheed Wallace Does NOT Get Dunked On By Malik Allen

Rasheed Wallace meets Malik Allen at the rim with a rejection.

Darrell Arthur Dunks On Villanova's Scottie Reynolds

Sir Arthur absolutely destroys Scottie Reynolds with this dunk from last year's NCAA Tournament.

Darrell Arthur Dunks On PSU

Darrell Arthur with the alley-oop dunk on whoever the hell PSU is.

Eddie Curry Dunks On Darko Milicic

Somebody needs to show Eddie Curry some love with all the bad news he's had lately...found this when looking for Darko dunks.

Darko Milicic Dunks Over Tim Duncan

Darko has an extensive collection of poster dunks....well maybe not so much.

Northwood University's Chris Johnson Dunks On Hillsdale College Luke Laser

Check out this ridiculous small college dunk, via yaktowngamer, with a head nod to inyoface, who poses the question.... If you get dunked on in Hillsdale College, and noone is there to see it, did it really happen???

Darko Milicic Dunks On Alonzo Mourning

Zo is lucky this one didn't count...well maybe not since I'm still posting it.

Dahntay Jones Dunks On Martell Webster

Dahntay Jones dunks on Martell Webster.

Dahntay Jones Dunks On Virginia's Nick V.L.

Classic dunk right here from Dahntay Jones, who dunks on Virginia and then starts doing pushups.

Dahntay Jones Dunks On David Lee

Dahntay Jones with the putback dunk over David Lee.

Dahntay Jones Dunks On Andray Blatche

Older dunk from Dahntay Jones, who posterizes Andray Blatche.

2009 NBA All-Star Game: Dwight Howard Dunks On Tim Duncan

Dwight Howard putting Tim Duncan on a poster All-Star style.

2009 NBA Slam Dunk Contest: Nate Robinson Dunks On Dwight Howard

Little Nate Robinson cleared Dwight Howard to take home the 2009 NBA Slam Dunk Contest trophy.

2009 Rookie-Sophomore Game: Kevin Durant Dunks On Brook Lopez

Kevin Durant throws one down on route to his Rookie-Sophomore Game record 46 points and a nice little MVP trophy to start what should be quite a collection of trophies when his career is over.

Ronny Turiaf Dunks On Greg Oden

Ronny Turiaf has been dunked on a lot this year, but this putback jam over Greg Oden is some nice revenge for him.

Kevin Garnett Dunks Over Erick Dampier

KG with a ferocious jam over Erick Dampier. This dunk was so nasty that Erick Dampier barely touched KG and it still feels like he got bammed on.

Shawn Marion Dunks On Thabo Sefolosha

Shawn Marion with the game winning dunk on Thabo Sefolosha.

Dwyane Wade Dunks On Andres Nocioni

D-Wade punching on Andres Nocioni....not once, but twice.

Leon Powe Dunks On Hilton Armstrong

Now this is what you call getting Powe-sterized. Hilton Armstrong just got downgraded once again.

Travis Outlaw Dunks On Kevin Durant

Travis Outlaw stretches out on the fast break like Gumby for the dunk over Kevin Durant.

Hakim Warrick Dunks On Samuel Dalembert

Hakim Warrick throws one down over Samuel Dalembert.

Shelden Williams Dunks On Luis Scola

The landlord, Shelden Williams, comes to collect Luis Scola's rent.

Ronnie Brewer Dunks On Lamar Odom

Ronnie Brewer with the two handed flush on Lamar Odom. I'm kinda dissapointed in Ronnie Brewer this year, I thought he would throw down on people a little more often.

Vladimir Radmanovic Dunks On Nick Young

Vladimir Radmanovic is so happy to be out of LA that he started dunking on people.

Jason Maxiell Does NOT Get Dunked On By Al Horford

Jason Maxiell eating the former-Gator, Al Horford, alive.

Kenyon Martin Dunks On Michael Beasley

Michael Beasley gets a cart full of K-Mart.

Nene Dunks On Dwyane Wade

Nene posterizes Dwyane Wade and immediately loses his invite to D-Wade's next sex party.

Malik Hairston Dunks On Josh Boone

Malik Hairston makes not only a surprise appearance on You Got Dunked On, but also a surprise appearance in an actual NBA game. He's only played in 5 games the whole season.

Craig Smith Dunks On David Lee

An older dunk from Craig Smith on David Lee.

Throwback Dunk of The Week: Charles Barkley Dunks On Dikembe Mutumbo (All-Star Game)

Sir Charles posterizes Dikembe Mutumbo in the All-Star Game. I've had a hard time finding dunks of Barkley dunking on people, so if anyone out there finds any just send 'em on over.

Side note: I loaded this video earlier in the week, but I am having trouble loading the dunks from last night so bear with me.

Chris Wilcox Dunks On Tyson Chandler

Last dunk from Chris Wilcox. This one is a putback over Tyson Chandler. I noticed Wilcox likes to stick his arm out and push off people when he's flying through the air, which gets him extra poster-style dunks.

Chris Wilcox Dunks On Kevin Garnett

Chris Wilcox goes baseline and jams one over KG.

Chris Wilcox Dunks On Rasho Nesterovic

Chris Wilcox abusing Rasho Nesterovic.

Chris Wilcox Dunks On Chris Mihm

Chris Wilcox driving down the lane and destroying Chris Mihm.

Chris Webber Dunks On Keith Closs

C-Webb abuses Keith Closs.

Chris Webber Dunks On Andres Nocioni

C-Webb runs the break and throws one down over Nocioni.

Chris Webber Dunks On Drew Gooden

C-Webb with the dunk over Drew Gooden.

Chris Webber Dunks On Dikembe Mutumbo

C-Webb climbs Mt. Mutumbo.

Hakim Warrick Dunks On Melvin Ely

Hakim Warrick catches an alley oop dunk on Melvin Ely's back.

Miami's Dwayne Collins Dunks On Duke's Greg Paulus

Damn, that is NOT a good look for Greg Paulus. Didn't take long for him to get dunked on again. Ouch.

Jeff Green Dunks On Spencer Hawes

Jeff Green blows by Spencer Hawes and punches one down.

Pau Gasol Dunks On Wally Szczerbiak

Pau Gasol cleaning up the mess and leaving it all over Wally Szczerbiak.

Charlie Villanueva Dunks On Rodney Stuckey

Charlie Villanueva with the grown man dunk on Rodney Stuckey. This dunk is must see. Someone needs to find me a pic of this one ASAP.

Hakim Warrick Dunks On Jermaine O'Neal

Hakim Warrick dunking all over Jermaine O'Neal's back.

Here's the first time Warrick dunked on JO too.

Thaddeus Young Dunks On Jamal Magloire

Thaddeus Young with the baseline jam over Jamal Magloire.

Al Thornton Dunks On Marvin Williams

Al Thornton with a pretty tame looking dunk over Marvin Williams.

Rasual Butler Dunks On Jermaine O'Neal & Anthony Parker

Butler serves two Raptors with a face full of jam.

Chris Webber Dunks On Calbert Cheaney

C-Webb throwing down a nasty power jam over Calbert Cheaney.

Vlade Divac Dunks On Jamal Magloire

Vlade throws one down over Jamal Magloire.

DerMarr Johnson Dunks On Theo Ratliff

Check out this older dunk from DerMarr Johnson on our boy, Theo Ratliff.

Chris Bosh Dunks On Marcin Gortat

Here's another dunk from Bosh in last year's playoff matchup against the Magic.

Chris Bosh Dunks On Theo Ratliff

Another dunk from Chris Bosh during his rookie season and this might be the best Chris Bosh dunk ever.

Chris Bosh Dunks On Jamal Magloire

Chris Bosh throws one down on Jamal Magloire during his rookie season.

Chris Bosh Dunks On Steve Francis

Steve Francis should have stayed out of the paint on this one.

Chris Bosh Dunks On Michael Olowokandi

Chris Bosh with the facial on the Kandi Man.

Chris Bosh Dunks On Travis Outlaw

Chris Bosh with and-1 dunks on Travis Outlaw a few weeks back.

Arizona's Chase Budinger Dunks On Kansas' Cole Aldrich

Damn, how did I miss this one? Chase Budinger with the nasty facial on Cole Aldrich.

Charlie Villanueva Dunks On Ndudi Ebi

Charlie Villanueva posterizing Ndudi Ebi at the McDonalds All-American Game.

UConn's Stanley Robinson Dunks On Villanova

Stanley Robinson with a monster putback jam against Villanova.

Charlie Villanueva Dunks On Jason Smith

Charlie V posterizing Jason Smith.

Charlie Villanueva Dunks On Nick Collison

Charlie V with the monster putback dunk on Nick Collison.

Arvydas Sabonis Dunks On Mark West

I couldn't pass up posting this dunk from Arvydas Sabonis after I saw it.

Leon Powe Dunks On Lamar Odom

This is the closest anyone got to getting dunked on last night, so expect to see some older dunks before the day is over.

Trevor Ariza Dunks On Al Harrington

Trevor Ariza's dunk over Al Harrington somehow got overshadowed by Kobe's 61 points against the Knicks.

Clemson's Trevor Booker Dunks on Duke's Kyle Singler and Brian Zoubek

Clemson's Trevor Booker destroys 2 Dukees with one mean flush. Pun intended.

Clemson's Jerai Grant Dunks on Duke's Greg Paulus

Will Greg Paulus ever learn?, he won't. Props to inyoface for the vid.

Utah's Carlon Brown Dunks On TCU's Kevin Langford

Here is the Carlon Brown dunk I talked about in a post last night. Dunk is sick. Props to Ryp86 for the vid.

Nene Dunks On Joe Smith & Nenad Krstic

Nene owns Joe Smith and Nenad Krstic with this MONSTER slam. Must see right here.

Sean Williams Dunks On JaVale McGee

Sean Williams with some big time demolition of JaVale McGee. That's right, McGee got crossed by Sean Williams and dunked on to top it off.

Joey Graham Dunks On Pau Gasol

Joey Graham drives baseline and smashes on Pau Gasol.

Utah's Carlon Brown Dunks On Utah State's Matt Formisano

They just showed a sick dunk on ESPN by Utah's Carlon Brown against TCU tonight, but I couldn't find it on YouTube yet. I did find this dunk by Brown against Utah State from Decemeber though that is pretty damn sick in it's own right.

USC's Marcus Johnson Dunks On Cal's Jorge Gutierrez

The homey and long time commenter, inyoface, sent this to me, so hell, why not let him tell it....

USC and UCLA's newest rivalry is to see who can dunk on Cal the worst...These poor freshman guards are getting one hell of an orientation this year...

From the Merc-News:
"The highlight of the first half was USC reserve forward Marcus Johnson's spectacular fastbreak dunk over Cal freshman Jorge Gutierrez with 8:34 left. The 6-foot-6 transfer from Connecticut was so far off the ground that Gutierrez used his chin to foul Johnson's knee."


Throwback Dunk of The Week: David Robinson Dunks On Ken Norman

It's about time The Admiral got some love on You Got Dunked On. Here he posterizes the Clippers' Ken Norman.

Tracy McGrady Dunks On Tyrus Thomas

T-Mac destroys Tyrus Thomas with this dunk. I can't believe I couldn't find a pic of this dunk. Photographers, step your game up!

Tony Allen Dunks On Louis Williams

I think it's safe to say that Tony Allen's knee is fully healthy now.

Josh Boone Dunks On Dan Gadzuric

Josh Boone cleaning up the miss and dunking it down over Dan Gadzuric.

Marreese Speights Dunks On Glen Davis

Marreese Speights with the fast break slam over Big Baby.

Louis Amundson Dunks On Spencer Hawes

Louis Amundson making an appearance with the jam on Spencer Hawes, who if you haven't noticed has been pretty much useless lately, unless he's getting dunked on!

Grant Hill Dunks On Spencer Hawes

All those years of not playing all the time must have really paid off for Grant's legs.

Pau Gasol Dunks On Danilo Gallinari

Pau Gasol with a couple dunks last night on Danilo Gallinari.

Willie Warren Dunks On Xavier Henry

This is the other Willie Warren dunk I was referring to when I posted his dunks on Iowa States Justin Hamilton. Looks like Xavier got a face full of Lil Willie.

Allen Iverson Dunks On UConn

This is a classic dunk from Allen Iverson against UConn. I can't remember for the life of me who Johnson was on UConn.

Allen Iverson Dunks On Notre Dame

Check out this dunk from Allen Iverson back when he was at Georgetown.

Oklahoma's Willie Warren Dunks On Iowa State's Justin Hamilton

Willie Warren posterizing Iowa State's Justin Hamilton. Nice dunk right here. Reminds me that there's another Willie Warren dunk I still need to add to You Got Dunked On.

Manu Ginobili Dunks On Hilton Armstrong

Manu Ginobili posterizing Motel6 Armstrong. This dunk was just plain NASTY.

Grant Hill Dunks On Joakim Noah

Grant Hill finds the fountain of youth and dunks over Joakim Noah.

Caron Butler Dunks On Brian Skinner

Caron Butler catches Skinner pretty nice on this dunk. At this point, I might have to change the name of this blog to "You Got Skinner'd"

Charlie Villanueva Dunks On Josh Smith

Josh Smith gets caught reaching on this dunk by Charlie Villanueva.

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