Kevin Love Dunks On Vince Carter

Kevin Love couldn't get revenge on Chris Douglas-Roberts for dunking on him back at UCLA, so he decided to take it out on CDR's teammate Vince Carter.


inyoface said...

Like Rick Kamla said, "talk about Reversal of Fortune!" Half-Man got Half-Dunked On that time. That distant chuckling sound you hear from the French Alps was Freddy Weis.

Great point on CD-R! K-Love's earned his way on the ESPN team bus now, no more riding with the luggage! Odds his grandchildren will have to watch that dunk every time they visit Gramps -- 2:1.


Anonymous said...

hehe...this is like the second time I have ever seen Kevin Love dunk haha...he dunks less that Haragandy from Notre Dame (you know that is bad)


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