Josh Smith Dunks On Steve Nash

Wow, this is definitely a candidate for best dunk of the season. Yes, it's that damn good. Thank you, Josh Smith. Steve Nash got flatlined.


Anonymous said...

You got to redo that poll you did...J Smoove has the dunk of da month!

Ed The Sports Fan said...

I mean this was a clean dunk but lets get real, he dunked over Nash! Nash is like 5'12"...and he pretty much fell down so it was just a clean distance dunk, still a nice one, but I dunno about it being the nicest one out.


Antone said...

No, no, doesn't matter the's just the fact that it's Nash and he ended up on his ass with Shaqovic laughing in the background.

inyoface said...

Somewhere in a small corner of California, Ricky Davis is smiling.


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