2009-2010 NBA Regular Season: Dwyane Wade Dunks On Anderson Varejao

Since I was out sippin' on some Captain & Coke, I'll let my boy Derosco tell this one: "...Wade should've pulled a Cap'n Morgan pose on Varejao while he was on the ground but went with the Pippenesque step-over instead...."

Video via NBA.

Oh yeah and Jerm Daddy caught a clean block on a Lebron dunk right before this massacre.


inyoface said...

Wade probably said to Bron after Jerm Daddy blocked his dunk, "Oh, so you tryin' to show up MY teammate on yougotdunkedon.com? A'ight, then, WATCH THIS..."


Ace said...

this dunk should be retired onto the yougotdunkedon hall of fame. it's that good

Anonymous said...

I thought lbj was gonna dunk on JO the play before, and outta nowhere wade rised and dunked alll over varejao. Couldnt believe what I had just seen! Its funny to watch the replay and see how hard varejao gets dunked on and he goes flying backwards

Antone said...

I didn't think Dwyane Wade could top his dunk on Okafor from last year....but god damn this might be one of the best poster dunks EVER and MJ was there to witness it.

I might have to start a You Got Dunked On Hall of Fame ballot at some point.

Anonymous said...

Can I get this as an animated GIF? That would be AWESOME as an avatar for a website or something.

Anonymous said...

greatest dunk in nba history nuff sed

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