Throwback Dunk of The Week: Julius Erving Dunks On Artis Gilmore

Dr. J gets the outlet pass from Larry Legend and proceeds to posterize Artis Gilmore.


Dr. Carmen C. DiCello said...

I watched Julius play many times, the best and most consistently spectacular of which game during his ABA days. He is still, in my opinion, the most incredible dunker in the history of the league. The problem you have in comparing today's players is that the footage is lacking from Doc's earlier career, and so you end of comparing a young Lebron, Kobe, Vince, or Michael to a somewhat aging Doctor J. A young Erving--when he was on the Squires, the Nets, and first 2 years or so with the Sixers--is difficult to beat. Let's hear it for the doctor!

Dr. Carmen C. DiCello said...
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