2010-2011 NBA Regular Season: Blake Griffin Dunks On Timofey Mozgov & Danilo Gallinari

Blake Griffin with a few dunks on Timofey Mozgov that will remain prominent in NBA highlights for years to come, via NBA. My God Blake Griffin is a damn beast...and oh yeah he crammed one on Gallinari too just for good measure.


inyoface said...

To: T. Mosgov, D. Gallinari
From: A. Tolliver

Thank you.

Kenny said...

You've posted some dunks in your day, brother. Where do these rank, in comparison to cats of a similar position and build as Griffin?

Antone said...

I hesitate to put him at a Kempian level of big men dunkers, because I feel like Kemp had a certain way of dunking that just will never be duplicated. Kind of like Dominique.

I would definitely put him right up there with Amare and he's probably in the top 5 of my big men dunkers already. I'd have to think about that one some more though.

Might be a good post for you guys: Top 5 Big Men Dunkers

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