2009 NBA Playoffs: Marcin Gortat Dunks On Andre Miller & Samuel Dalembert

Dwight who? Marcin Gortat drops The Polish Hammer on Andre Miller & Samuel Dalembert.


inyoface said...

Daly likes getting dunked on by the oddest people.

And all this time I thought a Polish Hammer was a screwdriver...


Anonymous said...

You all should be ashamed of yourselves, for this...forever trying to give White players, some phonyA$$ props.

Gortat didn't even see Dalembeert coming, so how did he throw it down in his face?

Throwing it down on someone is, means you took a challenge. It's not, someone barely missing blocking your dunk because you didn't see them coming as you flew past the rim dunking the ball...haha

Antone said...

Talk to the announcers man...they said it not me...that dunk was still pretty heavy though.

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