Throwback Dunk of The Week: John Starks Dunks On Horace Grant

The Throwback Dunk of The Week is a classic from John Starks that should have been up on You Got Dunked On a long time ago. I remember this dunk being on MJ, but after looking at it years later, it really wasn't on MJ at all. He came into the play too late to make an attempt to block the dunk in my mind...what does everyone out there think? On MJ or not on MJ?




Stankoniforous 0ne said...

If you jump (and/or are in the frame) you got dunked on! This isn't that difficult.

inyoface said...

That's a 'Not' for His Errness. MJ was just an innocent bystander. Or byjumper, whatever. At worst, he got dunked 'past'.

HoGrant, however...


chris! said...

love the nice shove Ewing lays on BJ Armstrong.

CLASSIC 90's NBA GAMES said...

It is totally in Jordan's face: Both Jordan's AND Grant's. Here is the proof:

Jordan slaps Starks's wrist. Starks was much shorter than both of them and he dunked OVER both of them, LEFT HANDED, in a crucial moment of a crucial game of a crucial series in a crucial rivalry. One of the best moments of the sport of all time.

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