2010 NBA Playoffs: Al Horford Dunks On Jerry Stackhouse

Al Horford jams one on old man Stackhouse, via GoldLakerLion.


Ace said...

who is the you got dunked on mvp this year? my vote goes to amare. he stayed consistent with the smashing

inyoface said...

Stack needs to do a little arithmetic before going up against the likes of John Wall or Hofo...

# 1 - Take your number of years in the league.

# 2 - Take the square root of #1.

# 3 - Figure the number of years in the league for the guy heading to the rim.

If # 3 < # 2, DON'T JUMP.


Antone said...

I agree...got to be Amare...and I'll have an Amare 2009-2010 dunk mix coming soon

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