Maurice Evans Dunks On Cheikh Samb

Maurice Evans with the ridiculous reverse two handed slam in the face of Detroit's Cheikh Samb.


inyoface said...

Now THAT was certified f-i-l-t-h-y.

Not coincidentally, that was also a Vengeance Slam. The Pistons traded away Mo to the Lakers for Samb, their low second round pick in 2006. No doubt Mo knew Joe Dumars was watching. "Yo, Joe! Did you trade me for THIS guy?"

Kinda like back when Kobe would abuse Vlade Divac at the rim... when the latter was thought to be a better long term option for the Charlotte Hornets. Didn't work out too well for them.

Oh well, "Chicken Samwich" (is that how you pronounce his name)? Back to Fort Wayne you go! He can brush up on his inbound passes with the Mad Ants in the D-League... where it's safe...


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