Bill Walker Dunks On Theo Ratliff


I was watching the Celtics preseason game against the 76ers and Bill Walker just straight threw one right down Theo Ratliff's throat. Video came up pretty quick so check it out. No wonder why Doc Rivers has been raving about Walker's ability to attack the basket.

Walker is the first rookie to catch somebody in the preseason, but any bets on who will be the first rookie to dunk on someone in the regular season?

I added another video that shows more views of the dunk below. Couldn't find a pic yet though!


And another one....



Zack said...

Bill Walker is going to be a stud. Steal of the 2nd round.

inyoface said...

Ol' Theo checks in early in the running for this season's "Most Posterized Player" race. He's gotta be totally numb to this stuff by now...

Sky Walker may have saved himself a trip to the NBDL with that jam. During the season, the Celts' key players will try to run up the score for the pure joy of watching Walker deliver posters like that in garbage time.


Antone said...

Don't worry Jermaine O'Neal is back this year to reclaim his throne! ..and Zo is still hangin' around too!

S-dot Jr. said...

Even though I'm a Kansas alum, I knew that Walker was no joke. Now the league knows, Ratliff and James!

Walker will be the first rook yank on Yao, lock it up!

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