NBA Season Starts Tonight - Dunks I Want To See

I thought I would do a little post for the opening night of the NBA Season. There are three games on tap for tonight: Cleveland vs Boston, Milwaukee vs Chicago, and Portland vs LA Lakers. Should be a good night of basketball, but I thought I would pick one dunk from each game that I want to see tonight, so here it goes:

Cleveland vs Boston: Bill Walker on Zydrunas Ilgauskas. If this happens I don't think I'll stop laughing for a week, unfortunately I'm not sure Walker is going to get much run tonight. I've already seen Kevin Garnett and Lebron James dunk on enough people, so time to see some new blood get in on the action.

Milwaukee vs Chicago: Joe Alexander on Joakim Noah. If Joe doesn't get any run, then I'll settle for Richard Jefferson on Noah instead. I also wouldn't mind seeing Tyrus Thomas on Andrew Bogut.

Portland vs LA Lakers: Andrew Bynum on Greg Oden. Kobe Bryant on Oden would be too much to ask for on opening night, so I'll settle for Bynum marking his territory as best young big man in the NBA. I wouldn't bet against the ultra-competitve Kobe trying to yam one down Oden's throat though. Also, Rudy Fernandez on Pau Gasol would be some nice Spanish on Spanish crime.

Make it happen fellas!

Also, feel free to add any dunks you'd like to see in the comments, either from these three games or any dunk you want to see this season in general.


D.Miz said...

Hey Man, i been following yr site for a while. Love the dunks. I too, am pretty much obsessed with the NBA. I been bloggin for a few weeks now. I just wanted to make sure it's okay to link to you once in a while for your videos. Thanks!


Anonymous said...

LOL. Joe Alexander is currently behind 2nd round pick Luc Mbah a Moute.

Dunks I want to see?

Walter Herrmann over anybody.

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